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10 Hot Dog Joints for Classic Eats in the Hudson Valley


They’re versatile. They’re cheap. They’re handheld. They’re a staple of the American summer diet. Next time you’re craving a good ol’ hot dog, give your taste buds a treat at one of these classic dining joints.


West Main Street, Middletown


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With a name like “Holydog,” anything less than perfection is, well, sacrilege. The buns are toasted and lightly buttered, the weenies are cooked to perfection, the condiments are fresh, and—most importantly—the staff is personable. The eatery has your run-of-the-mill dogs alongside more eclectic menu options; look to the “Polish Hawaiian,” topped with mustard, sauteed pineapple, and onions.

Noshi’s Coney Island

Main Street, Poughkeepsie


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They say variety is the spice of life. You could go to Noshi’s every day for a month and never get the same dog—that is how many options the menu offers, all for just a few bucks. Try the “BBQ Pork Dog” with slow-cooked pork one day, and the “Veggie-Vegan Veggie Dog,” wrapped in lettuce with onion and tomato, another. Complement your dog with fries or coleslaw, and you’ve got a satisfying lunch for well under $10.

Mark’s Hotdogs

NY-299, Highland

Described by one regular as a “virtuoso” of hot doggery, Mark’s food truck serves up staples of the East Coast glizzy canon: the New Yorker, with spicy mustard, cooked red onion, and sauerkraut, and the Coney Dog, slathered in chili sauce, cheese sauce, and raw onion. Diners can add additional toppings for 25¢, including jalapenos, red pepper flakes, and honey barbecue sauce.

Pete’s Hot Dogs

South William Street, Newburgh

For 89 years, Pete’s has stuck with the same business model: “Keep It Simple.” This family-owned-and-operated eatery serves up quality, all-beef dogs with natural casing. Order the “Mustard & Kraut” hot dog to savor its classic goodness. Maybe even pile on some extra toppings like bacon bits or jalapeno pepper slices. This no-frills restaurant is perfect for those of us who appreciate the little things in life.

Walter’s Hot Dog Stand

Palmer Avenue, Mamaroneck

Walter’s dogs have earned national recognition and kept the restaurant in business for over a century. But to say Walter’s is just a hot dog stand would be reductive. The eatery offers a culinary revue of some of the yummiest and most iconic American food. Along with your fries and signature blend hot dog—mind you, you’ll choose between pork, beef, and veal—you can enjoy a milkshake, float, egg cream, or any of the other decadent dessert options.

Dallas Hot Wieners

Locations in Saugerties, Kingston, and Lake Katrine

For over eight decades, locals have found delicious solace in the straightforward at Dallas Hot Wieners. Try the standard dog, dressed in mustard, onion, and the intentionally nondescript “sauce.” The eatery goes above and beyond just dogs, though. You can also order burgers, sandwiches, gyros, and—if you come in the a.m.—plenty to eat for breakfast.

The Dog Den

Main Street, White Plains

Housed in what was once an abandoned bus depot, this glizzy joint has a slightly upscale feel in that the presentation and atmosphere is quite aesthetically pleasing. The menu, sporting over 50 specialty hot dogs for your eating pleasure, is organized on a scale from “beginner” to “spicy” to “spicy plus.” Do you have what it takes to down “The Diablo?” By the way, if you happen to be taller than the owner, who is 7’1,” your hot dog is on the house!

Pippy’s Food Truck

NY-32A, Palenville


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Here’s another hot dog truck with an endearing family history. The owner describes her childhood memories of helping her grandmother and aunt operate their hot dog truck in the late ’70s—the trademark scent, the smiles on the faces of customers, and the value of a good day’s work. Pippy’s uses all-beef dogs with natural casings along with veggie dogs for her herbivorous patrons. The menu at her food truck offers a range of specialty dogs. Fans of the musician Prince should look to the “Purple Rain Dog,” complete with purple cabbage and dollops of mustard.

Smith Street Hot Dogs

Smith Street, Poughkeepsie

Stop here for quick bites at a great price. If you try one of the hot dogs, you’d be well advised to top it with the homemade chili and hot sauce, which is warm, spicy, and filling all at once. Not in the mood for a frankfurter? No problem. Smith Street also offers bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and hot and cold sandwiches including the signature meatball hero.

Famous Lunch

Congress Street, Troy

These days, a buck won’t get you much. But a buck and twenty cents will get you the World Famous Hot Dog at Famous Lunch! Come with a few buddies and take advantage of the daily special, which includes four dogs and drinks. You may conclude your meal with a slice of pie—just $2.31—or the rice pudding. Since 1932, Famous Lunch has been a dependable establishment to eat cheaply, quickly, and deliciously.

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