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5 Winter Beers to Get Excited About


Something to Get Excited About 

Plan Bee Farm Brewery 

Buckwheat, 7.8% ABV

Known for its wonderful sours and farmhouse ales from its farm in the northeast corner of Poughkeepsie, Plan Bee has introduced a dark sour named Buckwheat to its lineup. However, this beer is also wonderfully roasty and nutty, leading to a taste that is as much a porter as it is a sour.


Wintertime Go-To 

Troegs Independent Brewing 

Mad Elf Ale, 11% ABV

For many, Troegs’ Mad Elf has now become a holiday tradition. This unique Belgian strong dark ale pours a wonderful hue of red, and is brewed with a festive blend of cherries, honey, and dark-chocolate malt.


Obscure Find 

Industrial Arts Brewing Company

Torque Wrench, 8% ABV

While not completely impossible to track down, Torque Wrench has become quite the elusive double IPA, at times depending on Industrial Arts’ brewing schedule. 

This “big brother” to the company’s flagship Wrench IPA, Torque Wrench is everything a hazy New England-style double IPA should be — with great notes of citrus, a nice hop balance, and not too much booziness that often comes with a higher ABV.


Hot New IPA 

West Kill Brewing

Falcon’s Prey, 6.8% ABV

Located deep in the Catskills, West Kill has been launching great renditions of numerous beer styles, and Falcon’s Prey is no different. This is a hazy, juicy IPA that surprisingly comes from a blend of Pacific Northwest and newer German-style hops. 


Low-Cal/Non-Alcoholic Favorite 

Athletic Brewing Company

Upside Dawn, 0.4% ABV 

For those who have been searching for a non-alcoholic beer that also has great flavor, Connecticut-based Athletic Brewing has an amazing beer to satisfy both of those needs. What’s more, this golden ale clocks in at only 50 calories. The brewery has also introduced a non-alcoholic IPA, double IPA, and a stout!