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7 Hudson Valley Beers Made for Sunny Spring Days


It’s that perfect time of year when the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the flowers are blooming in a rainbow of colors. Across the Hudson Valley, the sounds of sizzling grills and baseball games fill the air as the convivial spirit of spring and the excitement over the arrival of summer fast approaches. In short, it’s the perfect time to crack open a cold one, kick back, and savor one of these homegrown Hudson Valley brews this spring.

Spring Rain

Find it at Tin Barn Brewing, Chester

For those of you who hopped on the IPA bandwagon and are content to ride it into the sunset, get ready to lick your lips over Tin Barn’s Spring Rain. A Double New England IPA, this heavy hitter is hopped with Citra, Rakau, and Sultana hops to create a beer that sings spring. It’s juicy, it’s hoppy, and – fair warning – it’s coming in strong at 8% ABV. Cheers!


Find it at Plan Bee Farm Brewery, Poughkeepsie

We love a good Hudson Valley beer collab, and this one does not disappoint. Amour is the perfect mashup of what happens when Plan Bee partners up with Wright’s Farm in Gardiner to celebrate strawberry season like you’ve never tasted it before. The result is a barn beer that’s slightly on the stronger side (we’re talking a 6% ABV) and all about that juicy springtime fruit Hudson Valleyites know and love.

Cherry Orchard

Find it at Subversive Malting and Brewing, Catskill

If the name alone doesn’t make you smile, then the flavor profile certainly will. To craft it, Subversive coferments a saison with local tart cherries to produce a drink that’s practically made for sipping on the patio. At 6% ABV, this one would be perfect for savoring alongside one of the brewery’s mouthwatering smash burgers or sandwiches.

Spring Landscape

Find it at Industrial Arts Brewing, Beacon and Garnerville

Whether you sip this at the light-filled Garnerville location, on the patio of the Beacon location, or on your very own porch, you’ll be able to savor the sweet notes of springtime in the Hudson Valley with this brew. This helles bock lager comes in at 6.2% ABV and boasts 100-percent NYS-sourced Maibock. As for the taste, it’s all about those herb and honey notes, with the highly enticing aroma of fresh bread to boot. Plus, did we mention all proceeds from the sale of this beer go to Sustainable Hudson Valley? We’ll cheers to that!

Raspberry Gose

Find it at Woodstock Brewing, Phoenicia

We know sours aren’t for everyone, but this raspberry gose is too perfectly puckery not to mention. It’s on the lower spectrum of strength at 4.3% ABV, which means it’s an ideal one to sip on a relaxing springtime afternoon. As for the profile, it’s a light kettle sour that was conditioned on raspberries, giving it that sweet and tart raspberry jam flavor that powers many a springtime sorbet.

Patagonia Argentinian Golden Ale

Find it at Wolf & Warrior Brewing Company, White Plains

Sometimes you just need a classic, no-frills brew you can sip alongside a juicy burger or brat. When the occasion strikes, reach for Wolf & Warrior’s Patagonia Argentinian Golden Ale. Brewed in the Argentinian style of golden ales, this beer is crisp, light, and wonderfully malty. Plus, at 5.4% ABV, it’s a top pick for a warm-weather drink.

Fightin’ 29

Find it at Roscoe Beer Co., Roscoe

On the hunt for a perfectly crushable beer for spring days in the Hudson Valley? Roscoe Beer Co.’s Fightin’ 29 is the one for you. It’s on the lighter side of the Sullivan County’s tap list at 4.1% ABV, and it’s a top pick for outdoor barbecues or for, you know, grabbing a table at the brewery and digging into one of the house sandwiches (pulled pork sammie with cheddar, nacho crumble, barbecue sauce, and jalapenos, anyone?).