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Photo by Ariel Camilo

8 Kitchen Essentials Every At-Home Hudson Valley Chef Needs


Even if you aren’t ready for a reno, we bet your tools and small appliances could use an upgrade. We asked top chefs and Valley residents Dan Kluger and Michael Mignano for their favorites.

❶ KitchenAid Pasta Roller

“Making pasta from scratch can be intimidating but having the right tools really simplifies the process. If you have a KitchenAid stand mixer, the pasta roller attachment ($90, kitchenaid.com) helps cut your dough to the right size and thickness with consistency.” —DK

❷ Peugeot Pepper Mill

“Invest in a high-quality pepper mill with an adjustable grind setting—mine is made by Peugeot ($20+, us.peugeot-saveur.com)—and you’ll never regret the purchase.” —DK

❸ Vitamix Blender

“A Vitamix ($250+, vitamix.com) is an industry standard for purees, sauces, and soups (it also makes a great margarita!) that gives flawless results, and is very maintenance friendly. If you want something more portable, try the Braun Immersion Blender ($55+, braunhousehold.com) for smaller jobs.” —MM

❹ Benriner Mandoline

“I use a lot of thinly shaved fruits and vegetables in my cooking, and a Japanese Benriner mandoline ($35+, amazon.com) will not only speed up your prep work, but give you more consistent cuts than you can ever achieve with a knife.” —DK

❺ Winco Bouillon Strainer

“A ‘chinois,’ like the Winco Bouillon Strainer ($37, amazon.com), adds an essence of refinement and versatility to your sauces and soups at home, making them smooth and velvety.” —MM

❻ OXO Thermocouple Thermometer

“A good instant read thermometer is essential for cooking meat and very helpful for deep frying as well. I like OXO’s Thermocouple Thermometer ($105, oxo.com), which measures to the tenth of a degree.” —DK

❼ Masanobu Knife

“Knives are the most personal tools a cook owns, so you’ve probably already found some that work for you (and hopefully you’re keeping them sharp). If not, I’d invest in a small, sturdy paring knife for fine cuts, a utility knife, an offset serrated knife, and a good chef’s knife—I use a Masanobu VG-10 Gyuto ($435, korin.com).” —DK

❽ Staub Coccotte Dutch Oven

“Nothing beats a heavy, gorgeous Staub Coccotte ($200+, zwilling.com) for cooking everything from a cold weather roast to a large pot of meatballs and tomato sauce.” —DK

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!