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Photo by Ashley Bohan

9 Can Designs From Hudson Valley Breweries That Are All About Autumn


With an apple cider donut in one hand and a beautifully designed beer can in the other, you’re starting off October juuuuust right.

We’ve all known about our five senses since kindergarten—it’s quite the fundamental piece of knowledge. When it comes to food and drink, two senses take the crown: sight and taste. Of course, anything you want to try needs to taste good, but what’s the draw? Well, if it doesn’t have cheese or bread involved (let’s face it, we’ll eat anything with those two ingredients), then it needs a visual appeal.

This especially rings true to the world of canned booze. Here’s a case in point: you’re walking by a refrigerated case of beer, and you’re always drawn to the exotic or funky looking cans—not the same old big-name brands that you tend to get sick of. There’s just something about sipping on cans that not only taste good, but look good, too.

Luckily, Hudson Valley breweries have stepped up to the plate. Why not indulge in some sick can designs, while also taking in some of the best foliage views the state—or even the country—has to offer? These nine autumnal (some of which are new!) cans will impress your Instagram followers and have you coming back for a four-pack. Plus, don’t forget to scroll for our honorable mention list of strictly #FallVibes designs.

Buzz & Bine, Subversive Malting + Brewing


Though this smooth and sweet IPA was made for summer, we can’t help but want it around all autumn long. The tangled vines, happy little bee, and use of negative space just screams fall. We want this on our IG feeds ASAP! Of course, Buzz & Bine was brewed with local wildflower honey, hopped with Centennial, and then dry-hopped with Cascade and Centennial. This cool can isn’t on shelves now, but please take a moment to bask in its glory. 7% ABV.

Cicada, Arrowood Farms


Throughout the summer, you’ve heard them at night. And now in the fall, swanky cicadas cover some of the best corn lager the Valley has to offer. The green tone of the can, along with the fairytale-esque illustration of some insects clinking glasses, is perfect for autumn vibes. It’s natural, it’s cute (for cicadas), and it’s oh so classic. With Mt. Hood and Sterling hops, plus 100-percent NY ingredients and local flaked corn, this lager is simple but “refreshing and sessionable.” 4.5% ABV.

Firetower Red and Kaaterskill, West Kill Brewing

West Kill

If a Picasso of the Northern Catskills painted a can, you’d find it at West Kill. The folksy and outdoorsy style of these IPAs are unmatched, and pair well with our autumn fever (it’s real… just think about sweater weather). Firetower Red is a nod to the famed tower on the Hunter Mountain Trailhead, and has a hearty malt backbone with notes of citrus and pine. Kaaterskill’s watercolor design highlights the deeply beloved waterfall miles below the brewery. The balanced IPA was brewed with four hops: Citra, Mosaic, Azacca, and Columbus. 6.8% and 6% ABV, respectively.

Hazy Image, Sloop Brewing Co.

East Fishkill

Now this is a beauty that reminds us of some upcoming autumn sunsets. There’s something about a color contrast of pink and cool tones that does the trick. In your hand or in your fridge, Hazy Image is quite the showstopper. This brand-new NEIPA is fruit-forward—just like our Hudson Valley harvests this season—and has summery notes of lemon meringue, peach candy, and even Fruit Stripe gum. Now that’s sweet! 6% ABV.

Heads Will Roll, Peekskill Brewery


Rumor has it that Heads Will Roll is the Headless Horseman’s favorite fall bev. (Ichabod Crane was our source.) This spooky pumpkin IPA rolled around right in time for our Halloween celebrations—and with these wicked designs, we bet it can double as décor. We’re super into the hop-turned-jack o’ lanterns, too. At first taste, you’ll notice a strong hoppy profile, but it smooths out with a bold pumpkin flavor. 5.6% ABV.

Kaleidoscope Eyes #4, Tin Barn Brewing

Sugar Loaf

I always feel like somebody’s watching me. And if you visit Tin Barn Brewing this autumn, chances are somebody—or something—will be. This gorgeous sour (which also has a twin with blue and purple tones) is too pretty to crack open. But once you do take a gulp, you’ll be hit with tropical bursts of pineapple, coconut, banana, and tangerine. Other Kaleidoscope Series cans include flavors of mango and raspberry, pineapple and pink guava, and blackberry and peach. 4.5% ABV.

Practically Magic, Rare Form Brewing Co.


This coconut lime sour ale looks—and tastes—like magic… who would’ve thought? The witchy sigils printed throughout the can’s exterior are super cool and honestly distract us from the true power of the drink: its taste. Tart, light, and a little bit funky and fermented, we bet this would pair perfectly with a warm apple cider donut (or even a caramel apple). We won’t judge you if you refuse to recycle this can. 4.7% ABV.

Syzgy, Hudson Valley Brewery


We love stargazing on a breezy autumn night in our region. And during the day, turn to Syzgy, a funky astrological sour DIPA that is super fruity and acts as your own personal galaxy. The wavy purple and blue stars perfectly complement the warm-toned moons and suns. (Linguistic tip: “syzgy” means “a conjunction or opposition, especially of the moon with the sun,” according to Oxford Dictionary.) And boy, does this can design really emulate the look and feel of the sour itself—it’s packed with flavors of blackberries, hibiscus, and vanilla, and brewed with Citra hops. TBH, the entire collection of Hudson Valley Brewery’s designs deserves its own story… it’s simply impeccable. 8% ABV.

Terra Citra, Drowned Lands Brewery


Typology is king! The botanical vibes of this brewery have deep roots, from the brewery’s mission of honoring the Black Dirt Region to its experimentation with microflora to the names of its beers. You can see it etched throughout all its brew designs, and even on the zodiac-style serving glasses. Sure, all of Drowned Lands’ type-forward cans are stunning, but Terra Citra’s green and gold lettering does autumn justice. We especially enjoy the flow of circular and fluid linework. And the beer’s mouthfeel? Well, the biz describes the triple-brewed IPA as “the dankest glass of fresh squeezed orange juice you’ve ever tasted.” 9.4% ABV.

Strictly Autumnal Honorable Mentions

Cans you need to see—and totally buy—this season:

Autumn Landscape, Industrial Arts Brewing

Festbier Lager, 5.9% ABV

Back Country Batch No. 2, West Kill Brewing

IPA, 6.5% ABV

Cream Ale, Newburgh Brewing Co.

Cream ale, 4.2% ABV

Death Posture, Foreign Objects Beer Company

IPA, 8.1% ABV

Hecto, Suarez Family Brewing

Pale ale, 4.5% ABV

Homegrown Honey, Tin Barn Brewing

Traditional ale, 5.4% ABV

Lean-To, West Kill Brewing

Double IPA, 8.7% ABV

MCity, Equilibrium Brewery

Double IPA, 8.5% ABV

Scythe, Drowned Lands

Pumpkin beer, 4.8% ABV

Spa House, West Kill Brewing

Brown ale, 5.8% ABV

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