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Anne Dailey


IF THERE’S ONE FOOD of this season that everyone would like to savor a little longer, it’s strawberries. The succulent fruit is only around for about a month, and let’s

Don’t Hold The Onions

TO MANY PEOPLE, onions conjure images of tearful moments at the sink, dutifully peeling and chopping while desperately resisting the urge to rub. These ubiquitous members of the allium family

Corn, High as an Elephant’s Eye

CORN, ONCE ONE OF THE SIMPLEST foods, has become complicated. The starchy kernels that have been a staple in the diet of traditional cultures in the Americas for thousands of

Cider Rules The House

FROM THE DAY IN 1647 when Governor Peter Stuyvesant planted an apple tree on the corner of what is now Third Avenue and Thirteenth Street in Manhattan, New York State

A Potato Is A Potato Is A Potato

THE POPULARITY OF THE HUMBLE POTATO has waxed and waned with varying degrees of drama over the course of its 2,200-year history. It was revered in ancient Peru, where slices

Mushrooms, Plain and Fancy

LARGE-SCALE MUSHROOM production, once a booming business in the Hudson Valley, has shifted almost entirely to Pennsylvania, but in its wake a few small companies and farms have emerged and,

Watermelon Dreams

TO MOST AMERICANS, watermelon is synonymous with summer. It’s cool, refreshing and a staple at picnics and barbecues from August through September. We expect a watermelon to look, feel and

Fiddleheads & Ramps

WINTER FOR A LOCAVORE can be long and relatively bland. While root vegetables and meat from the freezer have plenty of appeal and possibilities, even the most intrepid member of

Our Local & National Egg Industries

WORSHIPPED, MALIGNED AND MISUNDERSTOOD, eggs have survived the rollercoaster ride of nutritional favor and now enjoy a fairly accepted status as a healthful food choice. But the fact that you

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!