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Diana Waldron

Historic Millerton Inn Gets a Facelift

PETER STEFANOPOULOS, owner of Yianni’s in Chatham, the Boat House in Connecticut and co-owner of Four Brothers Pizza, has unveiled his latest dining venture—this time featuring an 11-room inn upstairs.

Spice It Up

IN 2003, STACEY HAWKINS weighed almost 300 pounds. Overburdened with stress and tired of feeling mentally and physically out of shape, she decided to make changes in her diet. “I realized

Put a Recork In It

HARVESTING REAL CORK FOR A multitude of purposes—from flooring and display boards to bottle stoppers—is a sustainable practice. The trees are not destroyed during the process; if the cork layer is

Every Little Bit

IN 2012, THEN 11-YEAR-OLD Devin Juros learned that 20 percent of the people in Westchester were struggling with food insecurity. He imagined creating a community garden solely to benefit those who couldn’t

Elixir Fixers

GINGER IS AN ANCIENT SPICE that was, and still is, widely used for medicinal purposes, including aiding digestion, easing nausea and reducing inflammation. One Ulster County company is bringing ginger front