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Jerry Novesky

Second Chances

If you stick around long enough, you get to do things twice. If you’re lucky, you get to correct mistakes you made the first time around, you get to improve

Five Shades of Black and White

We rarely do a theme issue, and we didn’t plan for this issue to be one, but as it evolved, we saw a pattern, and the more we explored it

Looking Back, and Forward

THE STORY OF THE GENESIS of The Valley Table has been told and retold innumerable times. It’s a good story, but it won’t be retold here, other than to say that

Heavy Reading

ABOUT THIS TIME LAST YEAR, Sy Montgomery’s book about a friendly laboratory octopus was so affecting it put calamari—fried or otherwise—off my dinner menu for good. Books about animal consciousness

Home is Where the Fun Is

This issue of The Valley Table is just plain fun. All you closet vegans out there can tag along with Nava Atlas as she samples the fare from some of