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Jerry Novesky

Second Chances

If you stick around long enough, you get to do things twice. If you’re lucky, you get to correct mistakes you made the first time around, you get to improve

Five Shades of Black and White

We rarely do a theme issue, and we didn’t plan for this issue to be one, but as it evolved, we saw a pattern, and the more we explored it

Looking Back, and Forward

THE STORY OF THE GENESIS of The Valley Table has been told and retold innumerable times. It’s a good story, but it won’t be retold here, other than to say that

Heavy Reading

ABOUT THIS TIME LAST YEAR, Sy Montgomery’s book about a friendly laboratory octopus was so affecting it put calamari—fried or otherwise—off my dinner menu for good. Books about animal consciousness

Home is Where the Fun Is

This issue of The Valley Table is just plain fun. All you closet vegans out there can tag along with Nava Atlas as she samples the fare from some of

Call it Vernal

Over the course of the year, no other season is anticipated more, or is host to as many celebrations,as spring. Across time, cultures and continents, the season has been, and

Oh, What a Lovely Year

SO, HOW WAS YOUR YEAR? is a question that floats around a lot as we roll toward Thanksgiving and the hectic holiday weeks that follow. If you’re a Cubs fan,

Musings On A Tom

WE’RE COMING INTO ALMOST EVERYBODY’S favorite season, at least for those who place food high on their list of priorities. However you approach food (we know for a fact that you

All the News That Fits

“BREAKING NEWS” IS NOT SOMETHING that means much to a quarterly magazine, but many of the issues we address—on this page, in Good Stuff or as feature material— remain pertinent even

Richard & Russell Biezynski of Northwind Farms

BY ANY MEASURE, NORTHWIND FARMS would be considered a successful farming operation. The beef, pork, poultry and specialty fowl produced there are in high demand by restaurants and consumers in the

On Butterflies, Bread and Beefsteaks

BY THE CALENDAR IT’S STILL A MONTH until summer arrives, but the thermometer on the back deck says it’s here, right now. For a lot of people, summer means vacation, leisure, rest,

Water, Water, Nowhere

ONE BIG PART OF THE MISSION of this magazine is to keep you apprised about what’s happening on the food front in the Hudson Valley. That includes, of course, reporting

Eating by the Trout Season

NO MATTER HOW YOU slice—or fillet—it, trout is a favorite fish of anglers, wildlife lovers and chefs alike. Barring a late season blizzard or flood, April through June in these

Confessions of a Semi-Luddite

EACH TIME WE WRAP UP another issue of this magazine, there is a palpable sense of relief and, sometimes, even an urge to celebrate—after all, nearly everybody around here gets involved


To say that we’ve been publishing The Valley Table for 18 years is to brag about the longevity of the magazine. Ditto for the success of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, which this

The Gift: For Better or Worse

FOR BETTER OR WORSE, we’re rapidly approaching a number of holidays that these days seem to be measured more in economic terms than in sincerity. Christmas and Hanukkah (presents), New

The Ghost of Kitchens Past

DO SOMETHING FOR NEARLY 18 YEARS and in retrospect there are bound to be some things that you wish you’d done differently (or not at all).  That’s just about how

Fireside Reading

RIGHT ABOUT NOW, we gather our notes about the books we’ve received over the course of the year—but not just because we’re prospecting for holiday gifts. The best books tend

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!