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Keith Stewart

Winter Harvest

FOR MOST VEGETABLE GROWERS, early fall is the season of choice. If we’ve planned and planted well and mother nature has not thrown any serious curve balls our way, we

What is in a seed

YOU HEAR THE WORD HEIRLOOM tossed around a lot these days, not referring to handed-down relics (like your great grandmother’s pearl necklace or Victorian footstool), but referring to food, especially

Generation Next

A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO, I ATTENDED A SCREENING of Growing Farmers, a short film about the new generation of farmers on Long Island and the challenges they face. After the

More Dirt on Dirt

A YEAR AGO, I RECOMMENDED having soil tested every few years in the interests of maintaining a productive garden (see “The Dirt on Dirt“. A traditional soil test measures pH

The Dirt on Dirt

What caused the leaves of the tomato plants to turn purple? Why did my zucchini die off so early this year? Should I have watered my garlic more? THESE ARE