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Kristen Warfield

Drink This Flower: Peony Vodka

FORMER NEW YORK CITY ATTORNEY Leslie Farhangi was captivated by the opulent rows of peonies blooming each June on her 200-acre farm in Millerton. She dreamed about something she could craft

Custom Donuts Come to Beacon

WARM, GLAZED AND PILED HIGH with decadent toppings, Glazed Over Donuts, the latest addition to Beacon’s burgeoning food scene, is bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “sugar rush.” But

Les Collines Jellies and Preserves

SOMETIMES, YOU NEED TO go outside and pick some fruit. That’s what pulled writer Brigid Dorsey to her backyard crabapple trees a few years back, and soon enough, small jars of

Agribusiness Corp Receives Leadership Award

CITING HUDSON VALLEY AGRIBUSINESS Development Corporation’s “leadership and vision strengthening local agriculture,” Janet Crawshaw and Jerry Novesky, publishers of The Valley Table, present The Valley Table’s 2017 Farm-to-Table Leadership Award

Fishkill Farms Releases First Hard Cider Line

For the past eight years, Fishkill Farms owner Josh Morgenthau has carefully (and quietly) made his own small-batch hard cider out of nothing more than passion. “Cider making, to me,

Terrapin Chef Takes Nachos to the Street

Don’t let his fine dining chops fool you—chef Josh Kroner, of Terrapin Restaurant in Rhinebeck, is all about showing his street food side. Spurred from the popularity of Terrapin’s classic

6 Great Picnic Spots in the Valley

When it’s radiantly warm and sunny, there’s nothing quite like packing up and heading outside for the day—especially if good food is involved. Track down your picnic basket and blankets,

5 Tips for Raising Backyard Chickens

With winter finally receding, spring offers a grand opportunity to start a flock of chickens of your own—and finally get in on the freshest version of the eggs you’ve been

Zero to Go

A GRASSROOTS EFFORT BY A GROUP of friends six years ago to get styrofoam out of Beacon has blossomed into an “educational” waste management company whose goal is helping people

Zero Waste Solutions from Local Chefs

CHEF TERRANCE BRENNAN THE ROUNDHOUSE When it comes to cooking sustainably, “nose-to-tail” philosophy demands using an entire animal or vegetable (or as much of it as possible) instead of only

Dottie Audrey’s Bakery Kitchen

JUST INSIDE THE DOORS TO Dottie Audrey’s Bakery Kitchen in Tuxedo, Jennifer Jenkins, who co-owns the eatery with her husband Patrick, buzzes away at the baker’s station behind a wall

Spring: A Multi-Cultural Celebration

WE COMMEMORATE THE ON SET of spring by inviting chefs from diverse cultural backgrounds to share a dish typical of one they would serve on a seasonal cultural holiday. From Muslim

New Brew

CRAFT BEER LOVERS CAN NOW add Hudson Valley Brewery to their tasting-room sipping roster. The brewery, part of the restoration of an 1820s brick factory in Beacon’s east-end industrial district, started

Speaking Easy

IF THE BULLROOM COCKTAIL lounge and restaurant had been open during Prohibition, it might have been the region’s best-kept secret. Red leather seats, a ritzy golden bar top and chandeliers overhead create

Farmland Gains

A 142-ACRE EASEMENT ON Windfall Farms, in the Town of Hamptonburgh, has helped raise the total number of protected farmland acres in Orange County to more than 6,000, according to