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Robin Cherry

Eat Your Peas

WHEN IT COMES TO PEAS, there seems to be no middle ground. Either you’re saddled with the memory of your mother admonishing, “Eat your peas,” (as if eating the overcooked,


AS THE SPANISH approached the Hopi village of Awatovi, residents poured a line of cornmeal in the sand as a sign to the invaders that they were not to enter.

Fabulous Hudson Valley Cheeses

IN 1801, BAPTIST Elder John Leland persuaded the ladies of his Cheshire, Massachusetts, congregation to make a wheel of cheese for President Jefferson to honor his support of religious liberty.

Sweet Potatoes

FEW VEGETABLES HAVE had to suffer the ignominies faced by the venerable sweet potato. Mislabeled, misnamed and inextricably bound to the thick white goo of melted marshmallows, molasses, brown sugar

Eating Local in Moscow

“RUSSIA’S A COUNTRY of smokers,” my tour guide tells me. Though she means cigarettes (Russians smoke a staggering 390 billion a year), I’m starting to think they smoke more food

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!