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Text and photos Keith Stewart

Land of the Long White Cloud

is about as far from New York as you can get, unless you’re a penguin coming up from Antarctica. When done with college,

Drinking it Raw at Freedom Hill

PROPONENTS OF RAW MILK GENERALLY ACKNOWLEDGE that pasteurization may eliminate bad bacteria and make milk a little safer to drink. But they also argue that the heat applied during pasteurization kills

Into Africa

IN MY YOUTH I had a thirst for Africa. I started out hitchhiking in Morocco and Algeria, and later traveled overland from the port city of Alexandria in Egypt to

Eating Local in Sicily

Sicilians eat far more fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, seeds and nuts (especially almonds and pistachios) than we do in America. They favor seafood over red meat, and they

The School of Hard Rocks

OUR FARM HAS A LOT OF ROCKS— more than its fair share, I would say. The last glacier that receded some 15,000 years ago was particularly generous to us. Both