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Timothy Buzinski

Sweet On Honey Wine, Beer & Booze

HONEY—AND THE BEES THAT produce it—can command an almost religious dedication. Its taste, color, consistency, health benefits (real and imagined), history (and mythology) have bestowed an almost mystical quality on

Summer’s Hottest Local Cocktails

THERE IS JUST ONE WORD to describe summer time drinking: refreshment. Certainly, a cold pilsner works, as does a glass of chilled Riesling, but you needn’t drink the same old

A Hudson Valley Wine Renaissance

WHILE MANY IN THE HUDSON VALLEY have been enjoying the boom in local craft beer, craft spirits and, of course, craft cider, subtle but no less significant changes are a

A Toast to the Holidays

THIS IS THE TIME OF YEAR for those large and small gatherings with family and friends that happen all too infrequently much of the rest of the year. One traditional

The Craft of Craft Brewing

World-class beer is being brewed in every county in the Hudson Valley, a brewing resurgence riding the tide of what has come to be known as craft beer. With origins

Hudson Valley Kosher

IN THE HUDSON VALLEY TODAY, small is big. Family wineries, micro breweries, small-batch distillers, artisanal this and hand-made that—there’s a seeming treasure trove of limited-edition local spirits being produced, and


KELLY VERARDO, BAR MANAGER and mixologist at Restaurant North in Armonk, offers an unusual caveat to trepidatious guests about to order her Summer Sidecar cocktail: “I will get you something

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!