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Tracy Frisch

A Short History of Wheat

Wheat has been an article of trade for thousands of years. White flour had been coveted for almost as long, though the technique of making it wouldn’t be fully perfected

Saving the Future, One Seed at a Time

KEN GREENE BECAME A twenty-first-century small-scale seedman to keep seeds “where they belong—in the dirty hands of caring gardeners.” He wants them out of the grasp of corporations, like Monsanto. As

Fifteen Tons Downriver

WHEN ERIK ANDRUS, A VISIONARY farmer with a love of water, sets sail on September 15, the low-cost wooden boat he and other volunteers constructed will be hauling products of Champlain

Growing Wellness at Camphill

ONE BRILLIANT FALL MORNING, between garden buildings and a greenhouse, a line of eye-grabbing shares of newly harvested produce await pickup. Resembling most other Community Supported Agriculture distribution sites, each

You Are What They Eat

WHEN JIM LARSON WAS FORCED was forced to sell his 30 Yorkshire sows at auction in 2011, months after they abruptly lost their ability to reproduce, he decided to stop buying