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bar pie in westchester
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5 Italian Restaurants With Bar Pie Pizzas in the Hudson Valley


When you’re in the mood for a classic pie with an old-school ambiance, look no further than these pizza hotspots.

There is no shortage of pizza in the Hudson Valley. From gourmet, wood-fired pies to classic, cheese-pull-worthy slices, there’s a pizza style for everyone – and every craving – in the region. Of course, that includes the bar pie.

What’s a bar pie, you ask? Traditionally, a bar pie pizza is a single-serving style of pizza that spans about eight to 10 inches. Its crust is thinner than the average ‘za slice, and toppings generally lean on the simple side, although extra fixings can certainly be added. It’s often found at bars (hence the name) or at restaurants that want to offer something semi-snackable to pair with a drink. Of course, it’s also a mainstay at old-school Italian restaurants in the Hudson Valley, which craft personalized pies so good that diners return time and time again…and again…whenever the craving for just the right amount of ‘za strikes.

Whether you’ve savored the goodness that is bar pie pizza or are curious to try, here’s where to test-drive the trend for yourself in the Hudson Valley.

Aloy’s Italian Restaurant


Aloy’s is one of those restaurants you’ve likely driven past dozens of times. If you’ve never stopped by, however, that would be a mistake. With roots dating back to 1929 (yes, really), Aloy’s stands out in the local pizza scene for its traditional, thin, square pies. On the bar pie front, the small, grated cheese is the way to go, although there’s also a small white pie for anyone who wants a little extra cheese.

Francesco’s Restaurant

White Plains

Francesco’s Restaurant may be unassuming from the outside, but inside the restaurant lies some of the most mouthwatering food around. The eatery, which dates back to the 1970s, is a must for Italian classics ranging from chicken parm to pizza pies. While Francesco’s serves its pizzas in large and small sizes, the “mini” is the one to go for when it comes to the bar pie option. Get it plain for a classic treat, or switch things up with a meatball or mushroom pizza.



For those in the know, Lombardi’s has been a beloved, family-run affair for over 45 years. It uses original recipes to craft its Italian staples, which run the gamut from fettuccini and lasagna to manicotti and ravioli. As for the pizza, while the large and medium pies are great for sharing, the 12” personal pie is thin, chewy, and ultra-delicious. If toppings are your thing, pick and choose from among options like anchovies, hot peppers, sausage, artichokes, and prosciutto.

Paradise Restaurant


A mainstay in the Hudson Valley and Westchester since 1947, Paradise is a family affair for the Margiotta family. On the menu, look for the aptly named “Famous Pizza” section. The individual pie is slightly bigger than your standard bar pie at 12 inches, but that’s no bad thing when it comes to savoring a few extra inches of deliciousness. Topping are optional and range from standards like extra cheese and pepperoni to roasted red peppers, cherry peppers, and eggplant.

Roma Restaurant


One of the oldest restaurants on this lineup, Roma has a history that dates back to May 1931. The eatery, which has been passed through three generations, remains a go-to for flavorful Italian bites in Westchester. For those craving a bar pie, look no further than the small cheese pie, which is just as wonderful with a sprinkling of cheese as it is topped with bacon, garlic, chicken, or broccoli, to name only a few toppers.

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