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Every Tequila Brand You’ll Want to Try at The Big Sip This Fall


Sample sensational tequilas and mezcals at The Big Sip at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts this October.

Fall in the Hudson Valley is magical for so many reasons, one of which is that it’s a prime time for food and drink festivals in the region. Case in point: The Big Sip kicks off another year of celebrating all things wine and spirits in the region, and this iteration promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Ahead of the autumnal to-do, which takes on October 7-8 at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, here are the tequila vendors who will be present at the fest.

P.S. Keep an eye out for our guides to wine and whiskey vendors at the fest over the next few weeks!

Agua Magica Mezcal

This authentic mezcal brand has made its mission to empower local entrepreneurship by donating one dollar per bottle sold to fund mezcal certification costs for mezcaleros to keep the artisanal production and the diversity of the agaves alive.

Cardenxe Sotol


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This craft spirit is terroir-inspired and distilled from the Dasylirion plant in the north of Mexico. Each label honors a different environment in which the plants used to distill grew, and the flavor is a uniquely smooth herbal taste.

Cierto Tequila

Cierto Tequila represents thousands of years of biological and cultural revolution. The tequilas are gently matured in French Limousin oak casks – which previously held fine wines – that persuade the agave’s essence to emerge.

Cinco Sentidos

A representation of small-scale maestro mezcaleros, Cinco Sentidos produces agave spirits with complex flavors. Its high-quality distillates capture the spirit of the various production processes, agave diversity, and traditions and talents of Mexico’s master distillers of agave.

Codigo 1530 Tequila


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Every drop of Codigo 1530’s offerings from Blanco to Reposado has been perfected over several generations like a homemade recipe, embracing time-honored customs from its roots. Aged in barrels procured from the Napa Valley, each batch has a uniquely delicate finish.

Convite Mezcal

Convite is a 100-percent Oaxacan industry with five generations of knowledge that goes into every bottle of mezcal. Made the traditional way without any accelerators of additives, this spirit is produced in small batches with a superb flavor.

Curamia Tequila

The Curamia way is all about trailblazing a new way to tequila while remaining rooted in authentic Mexican heritage. Based out of Mexico, upstate New York, and the deep South, Curamia has a vision to create a genre-bending, wellness-driven, lifestyle brand with its smooth, citrus spirit.

El Buho Mezcal

Rare and wild agaves with beautiful, mystical flavors define El Buho’s handmade mezcals. These small-batch spirits are produced by fifth-generation mezcaleros and are smoky, fruity, intense, and irresistible.

El Pintor

Agave lovers rejoice in the truly exceptional, complex spirits that are El Pintor. Masterfully crafted by the second certified maestro tequilero in the world, Guillermo Barroso, this collection of agave spirits will enhance your experience.

Kilinga Bacanora

Kilinga Bacanora is a family-owned Bacarona distiller established in 2018. After being unimpressed with other similar spirits, the brand’s founder decided to create his own elegant, refined Bacanora in the authentic tradition of Sonora.


BBC Spirits is the international presence behind Lokita mezcals and tequilas. Its wide range of agave spirits are flavorful, fruity, smoky, and spicy depending on what you desire.



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This award-winning, additive-free, sustainable tequila from the highlands of Jalisco celebrates the traditions of Mexican culture and embodies the best parts of the land and its people. No detail is too small for Mijenta, as the brand uses only the best ingredients to create its complex, balanced, and gastronomic spirit.


This brand works closely with over 20 small, family producers from Oaxaca. Each production is unique and bottled by family members, and the quantities of production reasonably reflect the availability of local resources so as not to deplete the agriculture.

PM Spirits Tequila

PM Spirits believes in drinking differently and challenging the status quo of an often-boring spirits industry. Its tequilas are made with passion, true knowledge, and hustle and curated to consist of only the best distillates.

Quintaliza Tequila 

Seeking to create a new category within the world of agave, Quintaliza provides a completely original experience that is subtle, sophisticated, and satisfying. Its tequila is the very first coffee-aged agave spirit in the world, and the brand is proud to bring a unique offering to the market.

Wild Common

With foundations on both sides of the Mexico-United States border, Wild Common is made from minimally filtered, 100-percent valley agaves to create a characterful libation that represents traditional production techniques.

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