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9 Whiskey Brands You Can’t Miss at The Big Sip 


Check out the whiskey vendors that will be making an appearance at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts this October for The Big Sip.

Can you believe we are almost a week away from The Big Sip?  The premier wine and spirits festival is happening on the weekend of October 7 and 8 at Bethel Woods. With premium tastings, food, vendors, and top-tier music, this is an ideal way to spend a fall day. We know that, in anticipation, you’ve check out our tequila and wine guides (which if you haven’t, this is your sign). But now, we present you with unforgettable whiskey vendors from New York and beyond that will be serving up delicious spirits at the event.  

There will be numerous whiskey tastings for general admission at The Big Sip. If you’re a serious whiskey connoisseur, the Top Shelf: Private Bourbon & Whiskey VIP Tasting Pass is an elevated tasting experience. Sip special tastings while learning about the process that makes each handcrafted brand unique.  

Without further ado, here are some remarkable whiskey vendors that will be in attendance. 

Beyond Distilling Co.

General Admission

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Beyond Distilling has strong Hudson Valley ties. Hudson Valley grains are used to craft the spirits, and 100-percent rye whiskey, 100-percent corn bourbon, and 100-percent wheat whiskey are all distilled in the Hudson Valley. In addition, the distillery offers beer to whiskey options that are distilled from local Hudson Valley beer.  

Tyler LaCorata, one of the founders of Beyond Distilling, also has history in the Hudson Valley. “I was born and raised in New Paltz. I’ve lived in Hyde Park, Wappingers Falls, Kingston, Stone Ridge, and a few other spots. My whole family has been in the Hudson Valley for many years,” notes LaCorata.  

Black Button Distilling

General Admission

Located upstate, Black Button Distilling was Rochester’s first grain-to-glass distillery since prohibition. There is a plethora of options for whiskey lovers, and the best part is that all of Black Button’s whiskey ingredients are sourced from within 50 miles of the distillery. Offerings include the cask strength Straight Bourbon, the Pre-Prohibition Style Straight Bourbon, the Apple Brandy Finished Straight Bourbon, the Tequila Finished Straight Bourbon, and more.   

Boss Molly


Expect delicious 90 proof bourbon crafted by three women who love whiskey. With flavors of toasted almond, cocoa, deep caramel, and a finish of spiced brandy, leather, and allspice, this bourbon is aged for four years in American oak and is the perfect sip. It will have seasoned bourbon drinkers and first-time tasters realizing how amazing bourbon can be.  

Cooper’s Daughter Distillery

General Admission

A woman-owned and family-operated distillery, cooperage, and apple orchard, this brand offers a selection of spirits that won’t disappoint. Highlights include the smoked maple bourbon (finished with organic maple syrup), mulled peach whiskey (with hints of real Hudson Valley peaches), and the black walnut bourbon. 

Fort Hamilton Distillery


Based in Brooklyn, Fort Hamilton Distillery celebrates America’s most popular whiskey style pre-prohibition, the New York Rye. The low-proof rye whiskey is distilled from rye grain, malted barley, yeast, and water. The flavorful offerings consist of the single barrel rye (representing a whiskey at the time of the American Revolution), double barrel rye (aged in char #3 American oak barrels for at least three years on average), and the double barrel bourbon (a rich and elegant pallet with a touch of rye pepper spice, caramel, vanilla, and cocoa). 

MORRIS Australian Single Malt Whiskey


Taking it (quite a ways) out of New York State, MORRIS Australian Single Malt Whiskey is crafted in the small town of Rutherglen, Australia in the northeast of Victoria. This unique region is ideal for whiskey production, thanks to the hot summer days and cool nights. The line includes the Signature (featuring fruit profiles, macerated black cherry, and biscuit notes), the Muscat Barrel (notes of rich dark fruits, sweet malt, vanilla, and cocoa), and the Sherry Barrel (a balance of oak, malt, and sherry barrel influence). 

Schenectady Distilling Company, Inc.

General Admission

Schenectady Distilling Company’s brand, 36 Locks, pays homage to New York State history and is named for the Erie Canal. Each spirit is also named to relate to the Erie Canal and its great impact on history. The Gateway American Whiskey has versions made with American and French Oak and is aged in barrels used for beer for a unique profile. The Black Rock Bourbon Whiskey is aged in American White Oak barrels for a bold flavor.  

Taconic Distillery

General Admission

Taconic Distillery embraces a passion for the outdoors, which is the inspiration behind the Hudson Valley spirits. The straight bourbon whiskey is a blend of spice and honey with gentle notes of vanilla, the Dutchess Private Reserve October Blend 100 Proof is a new seasonal edition aged a minimum of five years, and the Double Barrel Maple Bourbon highlights grade A organic syrup. Other offerings include bourbon cream, Founder’s Rye Whiskey, Horse & Jockey Single Barrel 125 Proof, and many more. 

Tenmile Distillery


Operating out of a beautifully renovated dairy barn in Wassaic, Tenmile Distillery crafts some seriously good spirits. The Little Rest American Single Malt Whisky is perfectly crafted with locally sourced New York Barley. With carefully researched steps in the distilling process, Tenmile produces small batch spirits that display original flavor.  

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