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Candied Violets


Like the crystallized violets of Old World patisseries and pasticcerias, these sparkle with sugar but are easier to make. A sugared violet is especially cute centered on a tuft of whipped cream.


  • fresh violet flowers, stems intact
  • egg white
  • granulated sugar (regular or superfine)


  1. Pick violets, leaving the stems attached so that they are easier to handle.
  2. Discard the thickest part of an egg white and thin the remaining white with a little water.
  3. Using a fine paint brush, dab both sides of a violet blossoms with the egg white.
  4. Drop each blossom into a small bowl of sugar, then gently spoon sugar over until fully covered.
  5. Remove blossom from sugar, place on a paper towel and set in a warm place to dry. (Devereux uses the warming plate on her AGA stove.)

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