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Canoe Hill


MINIMALISTIC, QUAINT, AND JUST a touch rustic, Canoe Hill is a small den where you’ll find fresh oysters—$1 after 9pm—and cocktails that define perfection. Past the bar where locals chat and sip on their drinks, the main dining room is warmed by a wood stove with cozy nooks perfect for enjoying a meal or the variety of small plates available. One guest likened the experience to that of having dinner at the house of an old friend.

Though the menu changes on an almost daily basis, fresh oysters remain a constant and some dishes, like the porchetta with polenta and the cheddar grilled cheese, have caught the attention of diners. Chef/owner Michael DelGrosso keeps the menu small but makes up for it with variety in the selection and exceptionally fresh ingredients—so fresh that they don’t even have a freezer. The entrance is hidden away down an alley and is easy to miss, but this is a gem worth looking for.

Canoe Hill
3264 Franklin Ave, Millbrook
(845) 605-1570

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