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About The Business

Phyllis Feder of Clinton Vineyards

SEYVAL BLANC ISN’T EXACTLY A household name, even among wine lovers. A French-hybrid grape (that happens to grow especially well in the Hudson Valley) captured the heart of Ben Feder,

Ray McEnroe of McEnroe Farm

ONE FRUIT CAN CHANGE ANYTHING. Adam and Eve had an apple. Persephone had a pomegranate. Ray McEnroe had a tomato. It was 1988; McEnroe had recently entered into a partnership

Kevin and Tamara Terr’s Red Barn Produce

IN 1989, KEVIN AND TAMARA TERR honeymooned on Prince Edward Island, Canada, anticipating buying an established produce distribution business when they returned home. Kevin, then co-owner of Margaritas, a restaurant

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!