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Editor’s Letter

Second Chances

If you stick around long enough, you get to do things twice. If you’re lucky, you get to correct mistakes you made the first time around, you get to improve

Five Shades of Black and White

We rarely do a theme issue, and we didn’t plan for this issue to be one, but as it evolved, we saw a pattern, and the more we explored it

Spring Chicken

What is a spring chicken, anyway? I’ve been reminded several times recently that it’s something I’m not. I didn’t take it as an insult, but more like a statement of

Thank you, and you, and you…

IT SEEMS ALMOST MIRACULOUS that a former journalism student turned marketing consultant and a freelance typesetter/copy editor could successfully produce a magazine on a subject no one else was covering

Home is Where the Fun Is

This issue of The Valley Table is just plain fun. All you closet vegans out there can tag along with Nava Atlas as she samples the fare from some of

Anniversary? What anniversary?

ANNIVERSARIES ARE A SORT OF pit stop, ideal for taking a deep breath and a long look at history and progress, success and failure, trials and tributes. As we approach our

Head Hunters

MAYBE IT WAS THE IMAGE OF the Trump boys hefting the body of a small leopard one of them had just shot, or maybe it was that infamous shot of Trump

An Ode to Waitresses

MUCH WAS GAINED BUT SOMETHING WAS LOST when the language police tried to eliminate gender in occupational references. A fisherman became an angler (nobody liked the term fisherwoman, anyway); stewards and

What’s Old Is Old Again

Maybe there is a conjunction of some odd stars up in the heavens that’s sending some wacky vibrations our way, because lately I’ve been running into more then just a

Call it Vernal

Over the course of the year, no other season is anticipated more, or is host to as many celebrations,as spring. Across time, cultures and continents, the season has been, and

Oh, What a Lovely Year

SO, HOW WAS YOUR YEAR? is a question that floats around a lot as we roll toward Thanksgiving and the hectic holiday weeks that follow. If you’re a Cubs fan,

The Good, the Bad, and the Really Bad

When you come right down to it,there are two ways to approach news. You can look at the good news first, in which case the bad news that follows won’t

Now or Never

THERE WAS A LITTLE MANTRA we used to chant around here for the first few years—when we hand delivered every copy and our balance sheet could fit on a business


IF YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED YET, you no doubt will before long: In this part of the state, at least, “history” as a buzzword has crept into conversations about almost everything.


THIS MAGAZINE IS ABOUT FOOD. It says so in the column at the right. Problem is, it’s become more difficult to speak about food these days because it seems food

Yes, We Have No Tomatoes

AS YOU ALL KNOW BY NOW, there are few, if any, tomatoes left in the Northeast U.S., so they say. No doubt about it, it’s been a devastating blow to

Table Talkin’

SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE MUST HAVE WRITTEN a book along the lines of Ten Great Conversation Starters or Sixteen Ways to Enliven Dinner Talk, or something like that. If there is such

Reasons to Come to the Hudson Valley

YOU’VE HEARD OF GREAT RESTAURANT cities: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. They’ve got nothing on us, except population density (which they can have). We’ve got a whole big,

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!