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Editor’s Letter

The Water Table

QUICK—NAME ONE ESSENTIAL ingredient in virtually every recipe in this issue. (Hint: It’s not truffle oil; it’s not Himalayan salt, either.) Quick—what’s the single most volatile sociopolitical issue worldwide? (Hint:

Twenty Questions

ONE OF THE MARVELOUS ASPECTS about being here on the East Coast—more specifically the Hudson Valley—is the sheer number of options we have regarding how, when, and where we get

Reality Checks

WE RECENTLY HEARD FROM AN old friend, a former Hudson Valley resident, an excellent chef and all-around nice guy who moved up to the Adirondacks to find a little more

Feeding Another Revolution

ALMOST 60 YEARS AGO IN Orange County, my family was in a unique position among our urban-dwelling relatives: We lived in “the country,” which meant that our house often became

Logic Need Not Apply

YOU’D THINK THAT THE PRIMARY subjects of this magazine—growing, selling, preparing and eating food—would be governed by simple, straightforward logic and practiced by reasonable people. Farmers, after all, tend to

The Bottom Line

IT SHOULD COME AS NO SURPRISE to anyone who’s even remotely involved with food that the Hudson Valley is way ahead of the curve as far as awareness, involvement and

Hit The Road, Jack

WE RARELY PLAN AN ISSUE of The Valley Table around a single theme or subject, but that’s not to say we don’t sometimes fixate on an idea—sometimes, the stars align

New Leaves

AFTER 16 YEARS AND 65 ISSUES, you’d think that things would settle down around here. You’d think the routine nature of a lot of what we do—seeking and developing content,

It Was the Best of Times

CHARLES DICKENS LIKELY NEVER EXPERIENCED a hurricane, but the opening lines in A Tale of Two Cities would be apropos to what the Northeast went through a month ago. Compared

What He Said

One of the perks that comes with being the editor of a publication is the privilege of letting people know what you think—about the contents, about issues affecting the contents

Empire State, Indeed

It’s almost no fun any more to pick apart the foibles of our public officials—it’s become just too easy to find examples of dysfunction and idiocy. Yet, a funny thing

Reality Check, Please

This issue of The Valley Table presents some rather odd stories. While Congress argues with itself back and forth across the aisle for this or that wasteful, budget-bloating expenditure, and

Weighty Matters

FOURTEEN DAYS AND SIX POUNDS LATER, the fall edition of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2014 is history. The vast majority of the owners of the 200 restaurants that officially participated

The Year of Eating Dangerously

THIS IS NOT A FUNNY EDITORIAL. As we were putting the finishing touches on this issue in mid-August, word came over the news that a salmonella outbreak, on record since

Musings On A Tom

WE’RE COMING INTO ALMOST EVERYBODY’S favorite season, at least for those who place food high on their list of priorities. However you approach food (we know for a fact that you

All Dressed Up

WE JUST RETURNED FROM AN ANNUAL shindig put on by one of our favorite farmers out in Orange County’s black dirt. In our experience, farmers, in general, tend to worry