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Farmer & Chef

Dining on the Farm

Farm-to-table dining doesn’t always mean bringing the food off the farm. Some farms are welcoming diners to visit and enjoy a freshly prepared meal. Whether they’re partnering with local chefs

Chef Brandon Collins & Farmer John Fazio

BORN INTO AN APPLE-FARMING FAMILY in Modena, John Fazio grew up in the produce business that “the other side of the family” is still in. Growing up, “An apple tasted

Mimi Edelman & Jeremy McMillan

FOLLOW THE BACK ROADS around the Croton Reservoir in Mt. Kisco, head up a tree-lined hill and suddenly the view opens up to a bucolic landscape of estates and small farms

Lamb Stew with Pink Pearl Apples

Chef Serge Madikians, Serevan Ingredients 2 to 3 pounds leg of lamb, trimmed and cut into 1 to 1 1/2 inch cubes 3 pounds Spanish onion, peeled, small dice 2

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!