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A Day at the Farm

The premier Hudson Valley dining event of the year, Hudson Valley Restaurant Week (HVRW), is made possible by a group of influential leaders in the regional farm-to-table/eat local movement, who

Vegan in the Valley

VEGAN DINING HAS GONE FROM being a niche specialty to a global trend, especially in the last few years. It wasn’t that long ago that, with the exception of some

Craft Brews: Going with the Flow

HUTCH KUGEMAN, TALL AND BROAD, peers intently into a large steel kettle in which swirls an unappetizing greenish liquid with the uninviting name “wort.” This is essentially what’s left behind when

Harvesting the Sun

AGRICULTURE IS GETTING AN ADDED dimension in the Hudson Valley as farmers gear up to harvest a new crop: power from the sun. “Solar farms”—arrays of photovoltaic cells designed to supply

Drinking Violets

ONCE IN VOGUE BUT strenuously avoided (if not unknown) by bartenders for years, créme de violette is one of those distinctly floral mixers that people either love or hate. Currently, however,

Cooking With Fire, Hudson Valley Style

IT’S HARD TO PINPOINT exactly when early humans learned how to control fire for cooking food, but many anthropologists say it was about 600,000 years ago. One thing is for

Spirited Apples

Johnny Appleseed, beloved folk legend and wholesome star of children’s books, wasn’t planting apples for moms to bake into pies. Not even close. He was planting apples for alcohol. Today,

Hip Hops

ON A SATURDAY IN JULY, 45 farmers and others from the Hudson Valley, central New York, and as far away as Maryland and Vermont gathered in Tarrytown to learn about

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!