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A Century of Growth at Adams Fairacre Farms

There’s not a trace left of Woodside Farm, the small patch of land on Cedar Avenue in Poughkeepsie that James Adamuccio purchased after he emigrated from Padula, Italy and settled

Eating Art: The Twisted Oak

IT’S ABOUT 10PM ON A WEDNESDAY NIGHT.  Chef Michael Cutney has just finished cooking for a packed house at The Twisted Oak on Main Street in Tarrytown. He’s sitting down

Eat Lamb Now

WHEN THE FORECAST CALLS FOR SNOW, it’s time to put lamb on the table. Braised, slow-roasted or seared over a hot fire until the fat glistens, earthy and rich, with

Barbara Masterson: Farmworkers

Barbara Masterson’s plein air landscapes have been shown in galleries, museums and other venues throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond for more than 20 years. In 2015, the retired art

In Defense of Cream

The friendly cow all red and white I love with all my heart: She gives me cream with all her might, To eat with apple-tart. —Robert Louis Stevenson, “The Cow,”

A Day at the Farm

The premier Hudson Valley dining event of the year, Hudson Valley Restaurant Week (HVRW), is made possible by a group of influential leaders in the regional farm-to-table/eat local movement, who

Vegan in the Valley

VEGAN DINING HAS GONE FROM being a niche specialty to a global trend, especially in the last few years. It wasn’t that long ago that, with the exception of some


The name of this café invokes the idea of making a conscious decision at the proverbial fork in the road. That’s just what owner Kim Gabelmann had to do some


New Paltz residents are lucky: They can see double right in the heart of the village. Lagusta’s Luscious, opened in 2011 at 25 North Front Street, is where Lagusta Yearwood’s

Pure City

THE BUSINESS DISTRICT of tiny Pine Bush is, to say the least, compact. It also has been home to Pure City—a thriving, award-winning, vegan Asian restaurant—for 15 years. With Asian art and

Craft Brews: Going with the Flow

HUTCH KUGEMAN, TALL AND BROAD, peers intently into a large steel kettle in which swirls an unappetizing greenish liquid with the uninviting name “wort.” This is essentially what’s left behind when

Drinking Violets

ONCE IN VOGUE BUT strenuously avoided (if not unknown) by bartenders for years, créme de violette is one of those distinctly floral mixers that people either love or hate. Currently, however,

The Violets of Rhinebeck

VIOLET PIONEERS William and George Saltford, English immigrants trained in gardening and horticulture, were the first to import from Europe a deeply fragrant, double Parma violet called Marie Louise (the flower

The Last Violet Man

THE DAY BEFORE AN impending January blizzard, the fourth- and fifth- generation growers at the F.W. Battenfeld and Son greenhouses, in Red Hook, were having boiler trouble. The narrow silvery

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Edible

OH, FOR THE FIRST SIGNS of spring! Robins, ramps and snowdrops work their numerous charms. Then, alas, a crop of pesky little violets quickly o’er-spreads the newly verdant lawn, a sight

Driving The Local Food Movement [Literally]

NOW THAT THE “eat local” movement is firmly entrenched in our consciousness, Hudson Valley households and restaurants are clamoring for a more consistent supply of local products. There is no question that

Making Pasta At Home

MAKING PASTA AT HOME CAN be an enjoyable project that yields delicious results. Numerous recipes and how-to videos can be found online, in books and magazines, and packaged with new pasta


ALTHOUGH IT MAKES a good story, Marco Polo didn’t introduce noodles from China to Italy. People in the Mediterranean were eating pasta long before the explorer and merchant from medieval

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!