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Francesco Buitoni’s Way of Pasta

NATIVE ITALIAN Francesco Buitoni really understands pasta. He came to New York and worked at San Domenico on Central Park South and as sommelier at Mario Batali’s Otto. In the Hudson

Sunflower Oil

THEY WERE BRIGHT YELLOW FACES STARING up at the sky, basking in the sunshine, causing drivers to slam on their brakes and pull off the road. People piled out of

Orange County Land Trust: Saving the land

MORSE PITTS, 65, HAS BEEN GROWING ORGANIC SALAD greens, fruits and edible flowers in once-rural Orange County for 32 years. The produce from his 142-acre Windfall Farms in Montgomery is

Cooking With Fire, Hudson Valley Style

IT’S HARD TO PINPOINT exactly when early humans learned how to control fire for cooking food, but many anthropologists say it was about 600,000 years ago. One thing is for

A Short History of Wheat

Wheat has been an article of trade for thousands of years. White flour had been coveted for almost as long, though the technique of making it wouldn’t be fully perfected

Nancy Fuller’s Farmhouse Rules

NANCY FULLER IS A RURAL COLUMBIA COUNTY farm girl who never strayed far from home. She was a farmer, then for 30 years a caterer. She is a self-described obsessive antique

Class in Session at McEnroe Organic Farm

ON A LATE SPRING DAY at McEnroe Organic Farm in Millerton, students from Manhattan’s Columbia Secondary School stand huddled over rows of vibrant organic strawberry plants. “This is the BEST

Seeding Young Minds, School by School

AS ITS NAME IMPLIES, Hudson Valley Seed, a Beacon-based non-profit, works with seeds. Its most fertile plantings are not in the ground, however, but in the minds of young children.

3 New Restaurants to Check this Winter

MOST PEOPLE HAVE VERY limited knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine, though they may have sampled it during a visit to Vietnam. “So, our main idea is to provide the same flavors and

The Future of Farmers’ Markets

THE HUDSON VALLEY HAS AN embarrassment of riches when it comes to fresh farm products. And as the popularity and interest in fresh produce seems to be continually growing, so,

Restaurant Week 2012 Crown Maple Chef’s Challenge

A NEW ASPECT OF THIS year’s Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, the Crown Maple Chef’s Challenge, stoked the chef’s competitive fires, inviting participating chefs to create a recipe with Crown Maple syrup.

A Tale of Two Restaurants

OVER THE YEARS, STISSING HOUSE, in the tiny town of Pine Plains, has served as an inn, tavern, restaurant, bawdyhouse and biker bar. Today, it’s once again a restaurant, now

A Walk Down Arthur Avenue

PUT A FEW QUARTERS IN the meter in the municipal parking lot on Arthur Avenue and take a trip to Italy—without leaving the Belmont section of the Bronx. You’ll see cars

Saving the Future, One Seed at a Time

KEN GREENE BECAME A twenty-first-century small-scale seedman to keep seeds “where they belong—in the dirty hands of caring gardeners.” He wants them out of the grasp of corporations, like Monsanto. As

Foraging and Feasting

IT’S LIKE A TICKET TO a smorgasbord where the admission is free, there are no lines and you can have any dish you want 30 different ways. That sounds like a

Fifteen Tons Downriver

WHEN ERIK ANDRUS, A VISIONARY farmer with a love of water, sets sail on September 15, the low-cost wooden boat he and other volunteers constructed will be hauling products of Champlain

Growing Wellness at Camphill

ONE BRILLIANT FALL MORNING, between garden buildings and a greenhouse, a line of eye-grabbing shares of newly harvested produce await pickup. Resembling most other Community Supported Agriculture distribution sites, each

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!