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You Are What They Eat

WHEN JIM LARSON WAS FORCED was forced to sell his 30 Yorkshire sows at auction in 2011, months after they abruptly lost their ability to reproduce, he decided to stop buying

David DiBari of The Cookery – Five Years On

Some restaurants are just born of a positive vibe—they embody a young restaurateur’s dreams and passions and extend the path of his or her culinary training like a contrail in

Spirited Apples

Johnny Appleseed, beloved folk legend and wholesome star of children’s books, wasn’t planting apples for moms to bake into pies. Not even close. He was planting apples for alcohol. Today,

Econ 101: The Business of Eating Local

MANAGING A COLLEGE DINING HALL historically meant focusing on quantity and efficiency, not necessarily quality. Institutions feeding an assembly line of hundreds (or thousands) of newly independent students have traditionally gone

In The Spirit

IN 1825, MORE THAN A THOUSAND New York State distilleries produced a major share of the nation’s whiskey. The Eighteenth Amendment, adopted in 1920 under President Woodrow Wilson, banned the “manufacture,

What the Bee Said

LATELY, NEWS STORIES ACROSS THE COUNTY have been proclaiming that the honeybee is in trouble. Bee habitat has been gobbled up by lawn, pavement and industrial farming. Bees are notoriously sensitive

Farmers Get Fracked

SLOPE FARM, IN THE DELAWARE COUNTY town of Meredith, has become one of the major producers of pasture-raised and finished beef for the metropolitan New York markets. But if fracking

Urban Buzz: Bees in the City

IN THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN PORT CHESTER in southern Westchester, the summer sun beats down on the black tar roof of Tarry Market on North Main Street. Just 500 feet

Farming Flowers

IN 2012, AMERICANS SPENT $27.8 billion on floriculture items, the vast majority of them grown in industrial greenhouses, swaddled in several layers of plastic, refrigerated in coolers and flown thousands of

Where Kids Help Animals

MOST PEOPLE DON’T GO INTO FARMING for therapeutic reasons, but at Green Chimneys, a 150-acre spread in Brewster, it’s required. This former dairy farm is a residential treatment center for

The Valley Table Does a Kitchen

FOUR YEARS AGO, WE ANNOUNCED we were embarking on a “public” kitchen renovation project. We already had featured a number of kitchen projects in this magazine, and we aimed to record

Super-Deluxe Ronald & Richard

IF YOU DINE OUT WITH Richard Krueger and Ronald Hanson, there are certain givens. Richard will start with a martini, Ronald with a bottle of red wine (usually Italian), which they’ll

Got Fresh Milk?

FOR THE PAST YEAR, Mid-Hudson Valley families have been able to enjoy superior milk produced by a group of select local farms, privately distributed and marketed in a couple of

Growing Agriculture in the Hudson Valley

STARTING A BUSINESS is always a tricky proposition, but starting an agriculture-based business can be especially difficult. On top of researching grants, conducting proposals,creating development strategies and discovering funding opportunities,

Local Flavors in Rural Hunan

THERE’S A DAMP heaviness to the morning air as the sun struggles to pierce the haze over Soviet-era buildings. A wheezing flatbed truck stops periodically along Old Bridge Street, a

Meadowland Farm

JUDAH KRAUSHAAR AND his wife Michele have had full, successful careers in finance and design, respectively, and are prominent members of their northern Westchester County community. They’ve transformed Meadowland Farm,

The Corbin Hill Food Project

WHEN NEW SCHOOL University professor Dennis Derryck, 73, jumped into his ambitious social experiment to grow fruits and vegetables for underserved populations in New York City, he admittedly knew nothing

The Gastro Bros.

WHEN BOB BAXTER, of the R. L. Baxter Building Corp., approached brothers Chris and Daniel Crocco in 2013 about opening a restaurant, he already had made significant real estate investments