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From the Fields

Kevin and Tamara Terr’s Red Barn Produce

IN 1989, KEVIN AND TAMARA TERR honeymooned on Prince Edward Island, Canada, anticipating buying an established produce distribution business when they returned home. Kevin, then co-owner of Margaritas, a restaurant

Living Naturally, Gar Wang’s Way

IN A STRAW HAT trimmed with a blue ribbon, Gar Wang leads her vegetarian cooking class through a gate under a hand-painted sign that reads Gar’s Den. “This was the

Got Fresh Milk?

FOR THE PAST YEAR, Mid-Hudson Valley families have been able to enjoy superior milk produced by a group of select local farms, privately distributed and marketed in a couple of

Generation Next Redux

OUR FARM IS powered by humans. We use tractors and power equipment to mow, prepare fields and help with planting, but most of what happens on the farm is done

Growing Agriculture in the Hudson Valley

STARTING A BUSINESS is always a tricky proposition, but starting an agriculture-based business can be especially difficult. On top of researching grants, conducting proposals,creating development strategies and discovering funding opportunities,

Milk Takes Off

TRAVELERS WAITING FOR flights at the major metro-NY airports can now cream their coffee with Hudson Valley Fresh milk. The dairy farm cooperative that raised the bar on milk quality

Camphill Connection

ONE BRILLIANT FALL morning, between garden buildings and a greenhouse, a line of eye-grabbing shares of newly harvested produce await pickup. Resembling most other Community Supported Agriculture distribution sites, each

What Price Milk?

FROM A LARGE WINDOW IN THEIR OFFICE, once a farmhouse, Ronnie and Rick Osofsky survey their Ancramdale dairy farm. Their view is a vista of rolling hills unfurling into deep

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!