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Farm to BBQ

A NEW SIGN CALLS OUT TO DRIVERS on Rt. 44/55 in Modena: BARBEQUE. JOHN FAZIO FARM MARKET and the words RIBS. DUCK. CHICKEN. RABBIT hover near a row of flames.

Tapped Out: New Brews

INNOVATIVE PARTNERSHIPS AMONG HUDSON VALLEY brewers and distillers are producing some interesting and delicious new products. Black Dirt Distillery is teaming with Doc’s Draft Hard Cider (both in Warwick) on a new

Seaworthy: Stripped of Stripers

IF A BIRD IN THE HAND IS worth two in the bush, what’s a striped bass worth? Though the Hudson’s most popular fish isn’t officially endangered (or even threatened), its

Experiment in Cider: Harder is Better

TO WALK GEOFF THOMPSON’S APPLE orchards with him is to witness a man truly enamored with his farm. To hear him discuss the finer points of the conical, russeted Hudson’s Golden Gem

Common Core: Sowing Seeds

IN A BEACON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL’S GARDEN on a cloudy summer Tuesday, parent volunteers were joined by some unexpected company. One woman was weeding, though she has no kids in the school—she

Biosecurity: Flu Shots

SINCE DECEMBER 2014, MORE THAN 6 million domestic chickens and turkeys have been euthanized as a consequence of the latest avian flu outbreak. Thus far limited in the U.S. mainly

Cornwall Says Cheese

IT TOOK NEARLY FIVE YEARS OF PLANNING and countless hours of sitting before the Town Board before Talitha Thurau received permission to build a micro-dairy and creamery on Angola Road

Farm-To-Table Honors Novi and Simon

THE VALLEY TABLE HAS HONORED Dr. Sam Simon, co-founder and president of Hudson Valley Fresh, and John Novi, chef/owner of the Depuy Canal House, with its 2013 Farm-to-Table Award in recognition

Dinner At Your Door

MOST FOODIES DREAM OF THE ultimate indulgence—a private chef— but almost none have a bank account that can pay for one. maybe Meals by Margot is the next best thing. This

A Consuming Passion

DRIVEN BY PASSION AND HIGH STANDARDS, Peter Kelly, celebrated chef/owner of Xaviars Restaurant group, has teamed up with a Slovenian beverage company, Fructal, to develop Slovenia Vodka. After a 2009

Farm Brewery Act Encourages Local Craft Brews

”IN ADDITION TO PRODUCING SOME OF THE FINEST BEER IN THE WORLD, New York’s craft breweries are creating jobs, supporting our state’s farmers and hops growers as well as bringing

Hot Hotcakes at Hudson Street

IN THE ART OF SIMPLE FOOD, Alice Waters wrote, “Let things taste of what they are.” Donna Hammond, chef/owner of Hudson Street Café, in Cornwall-on-Hudson, was shaped by the philosophy

Hopped Up Cider

WITH NEW YORK STATE PRODUCING OVER 29 million bushels of apples annually, it is no wonder that the Hudson Valley has been nicknamed “The Apple Belt.” With apples galore, hard cider

The Blue Pig’s Ice Cream

LISA MOIR, OWNER OF THE BLUE PIG, a new (old-time) ice cream parlor in Croton-on-Hudson, is churning out flavors from vanilla to mojito, and she is doing it with fresh,

Raising the Chocolate Bar

THE AROMA OF CHOCOLATE PERFUMES THE AIR of the Fruition Chocolate shop. Machinery buzzes in the background as cocoa nibs are ground into a shiny paste. Gracious, soft-spoken and chocolate-obsessed, owner

Hot Sauce Says It Loud

WHAT DO CYNDI LAUPER, HABANERO PEPPERS and Croton-on-Hudson have in common? An award-winning hot sauce, of course. The east bank of the lower Hudson is heating up now that former rocker and record producer William Wittman and

Pizza On Wheels

SPORTING A COCKED BASEBALL CAP, scruffy facial hair and t-shirt, The Cookery’s chef/owner David DiBari exudes a knee-buckling, edgy charm that only comes with a chef’s knife and fork. It

Reassembling Gastrotypographicalassemblage

IT MAY BE A MOUTHFUL, but it’s worth saying and certainly worth a visit. Gastrotypographicalassemblage, the newest installation artwork at the Culinary Institute of America in yde Park, is the