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Happiness Turns 30

ON SATURDAY, JULY 18, the crowd-pleasing ice cream makers at Jane’s Ice Cream, in Kingston, will celebrate their thirtieth anniversary by serving a commemorative “Birthday Bash” flavor at the Kingston

Summertime Adult Float

YOU MAY SPOT A SURPRISING “adult” dessert on more menus around the region this summer. A beer float is a grown-up twist on the traditional summer classic—smooth ice cream (the

Kudos November 2014

MAGGIE AND BOB GEPHARD, “outstanding community benefactors,” who for the past 25 years have chaired the International Wine Showcase & Auction benefit for Greystone Programs, raising more than $1 million

Kudos March 2014

SPROUT CREEK FARM, for earning a 2014 Good Food Award for Madeleine, a raw goats’ milk cheese—the only New York cheese to be awarded in the national competition, which recognizes

New Eggs In Town

ONCE A SPECIALTY ITEM DESTINED for high-end desserts, duck eggs have gone mainstream. Duck egg sales have spiked recently and they’re appearing more frequently on menus throughout the Hudson Valley.

Tank to Table

A WAREHOUSE ON LIBERTY STREET in Newburgh is an unlikely site for a shrimp farm. ECO Shrimp Garden, opened in August, offers Hudson Valley—grown shrimp. The Brazilian-born Jean Claude Frajmund

Community Gardens

HERE IN THE HUDSON VALLEY and across the country, thousands of vacant city lots, once breeding grounds for crime or illegal dumping sites, are being reclaimed by a new breed:

World Wide Farm

“THERE’S A LOT OF DEMAND for farm-fresh and local products and food, but not a great way for a wholesale buyer to order from these farms,” says David Ross, vice

Into the Meat of the Matter

IN 2004, JOSHUA AND JESSICA APPLESTONE opened Fleisher’s Grass-fed & Organic Meats in Kingston. Their aim was to provide locals (and themselves) with sustainable meat, as Jessica said at the

High Fun Low Fat

WHEN TOPPINGS FROZEN YOGURT OPENED a second shop in Wappingers Falls near Dutchess Stadium this summer, the family-run business raised the ante in the frozen-yogurt-in-a-cup-with-goodies-on-top dessert race with its new

Greener Teens

A CREW OF BEACON TEENAGERS kept busy throughout the summer tending their Common Greens Garden, an in-town garden site donated by Tito Santana Taqueria. The harvested vegetables go to Common

Farm to BBQ

A NEW SIGN CALLS OUT TO DRIVERS on Rt. 44/55 in Modena: BARBEQUE. JOHN FAZIO FARM MARKET and the words RIBS. DUCK. CHICKEN. RABBIT hover near a row of flames.

Tapped Out: New Brews

INNOVATIVE PARTNERSHIPS AMONG HUDSON VALLEY brewers and distillers are producing some interesting and delicious new products. Black Dirt Distillery is teaming with Doc’s Draft Hard Cider (both in Warwick) on a new

Seaworthy: Stripped of Stripers

IF A BIRD IN THE HAND IS worth two in the bush, what’s a striped bass worth? Though the Hudson’s most popular fish isn’t officially endangered (or even threatened), its

Experiment in Cider: Harder is Better

TO WALK GEOFF THOMPSON’S APPLE orchards with him is to witness a man truly enamored with his farm. To hear him discuss the finer points of the conical, russeted Hudson’s Golden Gem

Common Core: Sowing Seeds

IN A BEACON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL’S GARDEN on a cloudy summer Tuesday, parent volunteers were joined by some unexpected company. One woman was weeding, though she has no kids in the school—she

Biosecurity: Flu Shots

SINCE DECEMBER 2014, MORE THAN 6 million domestic chickens and turkeys have been euthanized as a consequence of the latest avian flu outbreak. Thus far limited in the U.S. mainly

Cornwall Says Cheese

IT TOOK NEARLY FIVE YEARS OF PLANNING and countless hours of sitting before the Town Board before Talitha Thurau received permission to build a micro-dairy and creamery on Angola Road

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!