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Good Stuff

Macro Micro

MAYBE GOOD THINGS come in small packages, but when that package includes job creation, agribusiness development, a new urban farm for Poughkeepsie and a local source of micro-crops packing a

Breakfast at the Farm

JONES FARM IS A LEGACY in the Orange County town of Cornwall, selling classic, homemade baked goods based on Grandma Phoebe’s original recipes for the past 102 years. In 1978, the

Smaller is Bigger

THE GROWING POPULARITY OF MICROGREENS, sprouts and shoots among home cooks and restaurateurs alike has kickstarted Bryn Roshong’s and Wes Hannah’s Solid Ground Farm into its second growing season. And

Hopped Up Curriculum

BETWEEN 2013 AND 2014, New York State saw a 59 percent increase in the number of craft breweries, and it was only a matter of time before the Culinary Institute

Down to the Bones

DOCTORS, NUTRITIONISTS, CULINARY LEADERS and health-driven individuals seem to agree—bone marrow broth is the latest “cure-all” kitchen craze. The rich, flavorful, easy-to- make elixir purportedly aids a number of cosmetic and

Dinner in a Box

WHILE FARMERS’ MARKETS and CSAs provide Hudson Valley consumers with fresh local produce, dairy, meat and other products, they typically require driving to a specific site on a specific day. For

Excellent Drink More Good

WELCH’S GRAPE JUICE, store-brand grape soda, the colorful complement of peanut butter and jelly on white bread—they all combine the naturally sweet Concord grape with corn syrup, preservatives and who-knows-

New Brews: Hard Ciders

AGE APPLE BRANDY in oak barrels for five to nine years, recombine it with fresh juice and then put it back into the barrels for another year and what happens? You

Design, Deal, Deliver

THE SCRAP BINS, draft folders and backburners of the design world are filled with products that didn’t fit a given project. Karen Quiana and Leslie Linksman, co-owners of LQ Design

Simmering Success

BASED IN RHINEBECK, Maya Kaimal has been spicing up the Hudson Valley with her line of Indian simmer sauces and snacks since the launch of Maya Kaimal Fine Indian Foods


THE “FARM-TO-TABLE” movement sprouted wings this fall when JetBlue Airways’ announced its latest project: T5 Farm, a 24,000-square-foot produce garden located just outside Terminal 5 at John F. Kennedy Airport

Just Say No

APPLE SLICES ARE slowly turning brown in lunch bags stuffed in school lockers across America. Though the natural oxidation process could be almost eliminated with a squeeze of citrus juice

Milk Takes Off

TRAVELERS WAITING FOR flights at the major metro-NY airports can now cream their coffee with Hudson Valley Fresh milk. The dairy farm cooperative that raised the bar on milk quality

Apple Cider Vinegar

MOVE OVER BRAGGS, there’s a new apple cider vinegar in town. Fishkill Farms, known for its eco-friendly apples and UV-treated sweet cider, is now the first Hudson Valley orchard to

Dutch Desserts

MARJAN BEEBE NEVER expected to embark on a career as a professional baker. After moving to Kinderhook from the Netherlands, Beebe met her husband, Keith, who had a sweet tooth

Sweet on Bitters

AT DUTCH’S SPIRIT in Pine Plains, co-founders Ariel Schlein and Alex Adams have unearthed an era when men wore spats and women concealed flasks in their garters. Named for iconic mobster

Microgreen Powerhouse

OFTEN CONFUSED WITH sprouts, microgreens are a markedly different product, and one that is rapidly gaining popularity. Sprouts (germinated or partially germinated seeds) are processed in water, not planted in

Jacuterie Charcuterie

LOCALLY SOURCED, WITH international flair. That’s not a contradiction once you taste the dried sausage from Jacuterie in Ancramdale. On the ground floor of what used to be a storage