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Dutch New Year’s Customs in the Hudson Valley

When the Dutch settlers came to New Netherland in the seventeenth century, they brought with them not only seeds, tree stock and cattle, but also well established foodways and customs. Donuts, pretzels, coleslaw, pancakes,

Easy Appetizers From The Pro

One of Beacon Pantry’s early goals was to make food, cooking and entertaining easy, fun and approachable. While a beautiful cheese plate is always welcome, sometimes you want something different.

Eat Local All Winter Long

THE GROWING SEASON MAY BE behind us, but there still is plenty of good local eating to be had in the winter months ahead thanks to the farms, markets and

Winter Farmers’ Market Finds

COLD WEATHER IS PRIMETIME for eating. We’ve gathered some of our favorite locally made products to beat the winter chill—and to share with loved ones this holiday season. Ardent Homesteader Caramel

Fall 2017 HVRW Preferred Purveyors

This Fall’s Hudson Valley Restaurant Week Kick-Off event showcased some of the best products the Hudson Valley has to offer. Keep your menus fresh by connecting with these local purveyors

John Novi of the 1797 DePuy Canal House

WHETHER JOHN NOVI ACTUALLY “invented” Hudson Valley cuisine probably is best left to the critics or historians to decide. But there is one incontestable fact: Since 1969, when Novi opened the

Hudson Valley Farmers’ Markets 2017

Locally sourced meats, fresh Hudson Valley produce and handcrafted artisanal products are ready to be picked, packed and prepped for a sensational summer meal. Find a farmers’ market near you

5 Tips for Raising Backyard Chickens

With winter finally receding, spring offers a grand opportunity to start a flock of chickens of your own—and finally get in on the freshest version of the eggs you’ve been

Zero to Go

A GRASSROOTS EFFORT BY A GROUP of friends six years ago to get styrofoam out of Beacon has blossomed into an “educational” waste management company whose goal is helping people

Zero Waste Solutions from Local Chefs

CHEF TERRANCE BRENNAN THE ROUNDHOUSE When it comes to cooking sustainably, “nose-to-tail” philosophy demands using an entire animal or vegetable (or as much of it as possible) instead of only

Waste Not

THE BACK OF KIM BUCHANAN’S ford explorer offers plenty of real estate for bumper stickers. One of them displayed on her tailgate declares Evil will triumph when good people do

A Drink New York State of Mind

WHEN THE VALLEY TABLE TASKED New Yorkers to “Support the Craft” this fall, #drinklocal manifested itself in some exciting ways. From consumers visiting local wineries, cideries, breweries and distilleries for

A Drone Also Rises

FROM THE SPRING OF 2016 through the dry summer months and into harvest season and the changing leaves of autumn, I flew my DJI Phantom drone over more than a

About Support the Craft

When you drink craft beverages made in New York, more money is funneled into the local economy in the form of jobs, taxes and capital investments. The Valley Table, in

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!