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Sustainable Elements

Northwind Farm Goes Solar

Despite leaps in agrarian technology, growing and raising food ultimately depends on soil, water and sunlight. At Northwind Farm in Tivoli, the sun is being put to another use: producing

A Green Roof in Haverstraw

THANKS TO ROCKLAND BOCES STUDENTS and teachers who created the new rooftop green garden at Union Restaurant and Bar Latino, owners Paulo Feteira and chef David Martinez are growing a

Adaptive Reuse in Newburgh

ON JUNE 22, 1958, THE LAST PASSENGER train left Newburgh’s West Shore Station. The handsome structure, built in 1909 by Warren and Wetmore, the architectural firm that designed Grand Central

Continental Organics: Fish And Fine Greens

TEN ROUND TANKS SIT LIKE SWIMMING POOLS inside a long, rectangular building in New Windsor. Two men dip long-handled nets into the water, pulling up fish for live delivery to

Local Cranberries

SOME SATURDAYS LAST SUMMER, YOU MAY have spotted some unusual pots of evergreen bedding plants with pink and white blossoms for sale at a dutchess County farmers’ market. The Farm at

Local Fish: To Eat Or Not To Eat

THE CONTENTIOUS ISSUE of the cleanup of the Hudson River shows little sign of abating, and there still are questions about the safety of eating fish caught upriver or down. The

Sustainable Staples

“Sustainable Staples”—kitchen items that are “produced or grown using sustainable methods, by companies, co-ops or individuals who pay fair wages to workers, respect the environment, and honor food tradition.” Here

Using the Whole Animal

USING THE WHOLE ANIMAL is a hot topic in chef circles these days. Almost everything from the tongue to the bladder finds its way onto a dinner plate somewhere, sometime.

Whitecliff Winery Goes Geothermal

WHILE HOUSING SUBDIVISIONS and office parks might be named for the geographic features they replace, Whitecliff Vineyard and Winery stares its namesake square in the face. Visitors to the Gardiner

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