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Up Close

Pasta Is in Chef Francesco Buitoni’s Blood

It’s hard not to be awestruck around Francesco Buitoni. And not just because of his name — although that’s certainly part of the story. After all, it’s impossible to ignore the

A Southern Chef in Saugerties

Jonathan Botta is a good Southern boy. Corn is his favorite vegetable and cooking over fire is his second language, one that speaks to him through crackles of charcoal and

Resorts World Catskills: A Low-roller’s Tasting Notes

There’s no stuffed cabbage or kishka. There’s no all-you-can-eat herring or kasha varnishkes. No ghosts of 1950s comedians wander the halls. No, the gleaming glass-and-metal Resorts World Catskills resort/casino on

Kingston Duo: bluecashew Kitchen Homestead

“WE TOOK GARBAGE AND NAILED it to the wall.” That’s how J.T. McKay describes how he and Sean Nutley designed bluecashew Kitchen Homestead, their relocated and re-imagined retail and cooking demonstration

Brian Arnoff of Kitchen Sink

IT’S EXACTLY 139 STEPS FROM Meyer’s Olde Dutch, a new hamburger and cocktail joint near the west end of Beacon’s Main Street, across the street to Kitchen Sink, a 24-seat restaurant,

Cheryl Paff’s Black-eyed Suzie’s Upstate

IN 1996, TROY NATIVE AND self-taught chef Cheryl Paff opened an East Village hotspot named Black-Eyed Suzie’s Organic Café. Juan Tzitzimititila, who hailed from Puebla, Mexico, got a job there working in

Beacon’s Pantry: Euro On Main

MOST AVID TRAVELERS WILL admit that the fastest way to experience a culture is, quite simply, through its food. Another, though far slower way, would be to pack your bags

Ray Bradley, Farmer

A generation ago, Ray Bradley donned a starched-white chapeau and matching coat, the sous chef at Manhattan’s famed Le Cirque. Today, he dresses in a dusty harvester cap, mud-splattered trousers

Organic Farm Thrives in Newburgh

A COLORFUL, HAND-SPRAWLED SIGN tops the gates at the foot of a sloping hill near the center of the City of Newburgh. The perimeter, lined with blooming flowers, encompasses 2.5

The Green Onion

HILLARY LINDSAY GREW UP IN the heart of the Hudson Valley’s black dirt region, where she learned a core philosophy about food at an early age: Where it comes from

The Local Stride to Sustainable Seafood

IN THE THROES OF POLLUTION and overfishing issues that have peaked over the past 50 years, today’s seafood industry has a less-than-stellar reputation. Hudson Valley Seafood Company, based in Central

Dottie Audrey’s Bakery Kitchen

JUST INSIDE THE DOORS TO Dottie Audrey’s Bakery Kitchen in Tuxedo, Jennifer Jenkins, who co-owns the eatery with her husband Patrick, buzzes away at the baker’s station behind a wall

Jodi Cummings; Cafe Macchiato

SITTING AT A WINDOW TABLE with bistro tables out front and a blackboard covered with coffee options over the bar, you might feel like you’re in the West Village, but with

Rich Parente, Clock Tower Grill

Known for its high-pressure environment, the restaurant kitchen has long been viewed by many as a stainless steel pirate ship of hotheaded managers, military-like hierarchies and toque-wearing, rough-talking, pot-throwing, intolerant

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