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CBD-Infused Treats and Drinks to Enjoy in the Hudson Valley


Enjoy the benefits of CBD via these gummies, chocolates, teas, coffees, and beverages available in the Hudson Valley.

There’s been a ton of news lately around the legalization of marijuana, but let’s not forget about pot’s slightly less conspicuous cousin: CBD. While smoking or otherwise ingesting cannabis will give you a high, CBD—which is extracted from cannabis or hemp—doesn’t get you stoned so much as it relieves pain and reduces stress (along with other potential health benefits).

If you decide to give CBD a try, you’re faced with a quandary: How would you like to enjoy your cannabidiol? You can smoke it, yes, but also be sure to try it in the form of various ingestible options like chocolate and tea. Here are a few of the most delicious CBD treats and beverages you can savor in the Hudson Valley.

Gummies & Chocolates

Of all the edible options, gummies are a common favorite for their compactness and convenience. Indistinguishable from a typical multivitamin, these gummies come in a slew of flavors and textures.

Fusion CBD Gummies

Warwick & Port Jervis

Head to one of Fusion CBD’s brick-and-mortar locations in Orange County and pick up the 20-milligram gummies. You’ll even receive a portable, resealable travel bag so you can bring your gummies on the go.

Harney & Sons Gummies


This Millerton tea company has emerged as a leader in edible CBD in the Hudson Valley and beyond. Just as delicious as the teas, the brand’s gummies come in two flavors: hot cinnamon and matcha raspberry.

Cocorau Golden Box Raw Power Bites



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What do you get when you cross CBD with delectable chocolate? You get these little bites from Cocorau, which are made with CBD sourced from Hudson. Combined with cacao—which has health benefits of its own—the Raw Power Bites are a prime option for those sweet of tooth.


If for whatever reason you dislike the tastes or textures of edible CBD, drink it instead! These sips contain just as much of the stuff you’re after—plus, they’re refreshing.

cbd tea

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Harney & Sons Sparking Elixir


Pick your poison (or should we say pick your elixir?) in one of three flavors: orange mango, tangy lime, and yuzu with rosemary. Harney & Sons has a sterling reputation in the beverage business, and its sparking CBD drink does not disappoint.

Recess Sparking Water

Available at various locations in the Hudson Valley


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Recess’ slogan is “not tired, not wired,” and its hemp-infused drinks are downright delicious. Order the sampler if you want to try all the brand’s flavors, namely blood orange, peach ginger, pomegranate hibiscus, black cherry, coconut lime, and blackberry chai.

Harney & Sons Golden Milk Latte


Starbucks’ CEO has publicly stated that CBD-infused drinks are “not on the roadmap” for the coffee chain. Unless your local coffee shop does have such a beverage on the menu, you’ll have to DIY your CBD latte. Snag some “Golden Milk” to simmer on your stovetop, then serve to start your morning or put a cap on your evening.

Harney & Sons Tea


It’s just like your garden-variety tea, loaded up with CBD. If you’re wanting a warmer drinking experience, try the tea sachets and steep yourself a cup of the good stuff. In warmer months, you’ll much prefer the refreshing 30-milligram bottled tea.

Both hot and cold tea come in several varieties. “Calm,” available hot or cold, features turmeric and ginger. Also tempting is the cold butterfly lemonade, dubbed “Rest,” which is as yummy as it is purple. See the website for a full list of flavor options under “The Hemp Division.”

Harney & Sons Coffee


That’s right—you can synthesize the stimulation of coffee with the soothing nature of CBD in the way of two beverages by Harney & Sons: the “Lift” CBD black coffee and the “Ace” maple nitro iced coffee. While we adore both varieties, the “Ace” coffee is especially seasonal, so pick up a case to enjoy along with your pancakes on Sunday morning.

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