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Excellent Drink More Good


WELCH’S GRAPE JUICE, store-brand grape soda, the colorful complement of peanut butter and jelly on white
bread—they all combine the naturally sweet Concord grape with corn syrup, preservatives and who-knows-
what-else, leading many to believe the prized western New York crop is meant to taste like sugar with a splash of fruit. At Drink More Good, one of Beacon’s more specialized specialty shops, founder and president Jason Schuler has done the unthinkable: he’s embraced the natural Concord grape flavor sans the cloying sweetness.
Schuler noticed a buzz over Alex’s Tomato Farm (Schoharie County) Concord grapes while vending at the Park Slope Farmers’ Market in Brooklyn, so he bought their remaining 40 pounds —still on the vine. Using Drink More Good’s
steeping technique, Schuler cooked down the grapes into 180 bottles of syrup. Consumer response to the product convinced Schuler to develop more limited-edition seasonal syrups. Drawing inspiration from the products he finds at farmers’ markets, he promises the grape syrup is “kind of the first iteration of us doing a seasonal flavor.”
If you want your own bottle of Drink More Good’s limited-edition, organic, hand-crafted Concord Grape Syrup ($12.99), better hurry— almost half of the supply has been sold—only nine cases remain, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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