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fermented foods
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Improve Gut Health With These Fermented Foods in the Hudson Valley 


As gut health continues to be a hot topic in the wellness world, there’s no time like the present to stock up on good-for-you items from Hudson Valley makers.

Rather than getting your stomach into a knot while questioning which foods to buy, make it simple by stocking up on key fermented treats. These vendors around the Hudson Valley offer foods to promote everything good in your gut.

Kick out the Bad Bacteria With Kraut

Hawthorne Valley, Hudson

Gut health is linked to immune support, boosted energy, and positive brain function. That is why Hawthorne Valley has been crafting fermented foods for the past 20 years. Using a traditional process called wild fermentation, Hawthorn Valley can preserve nutrients and vitamins while creating probiotics and enzymes. An impressive 95 percent of the vegetables used in the ferments are sourced from New York farms focused on organic, regenerative agriculture. Offerings include original sauerkraut, turmeric sauerkraut, raw heat habanero carrot hot sauce, Daily Fix kraut juice, and more. Products are available at various markets and grocers across the Hudson Valley. 

Superkrauts, New Paltz

You may not realize it, but sauerkraut is a fermented food that reaches superfood status according to Superkrauts in New Paltz. Containing live lactobacilli and beneficial microbes, sauerkraut restores and aids in digestive health. It is also helpful in treating gastrointestinal issues like peptic ulcers, acid reflux, and ulcerative colitis. Sauerkraut may also help rid the body of environmental toxins. With 20 different krauts, kimchi, and tonics, foodies can enjoy fermented goodness from Superkrauts with multiple dishes. Some notable options are wasabi ginger Superkraut, Turmeric Kimchi Tonic, Healing Kraut, and Brain Kraut. Purchase online on the Superkrauts website and ship directly to you.

Combat Gut Distress With Kombucha

Laughing Gut Kombucha, Poughkeepsie

This fermented beverage is full of probiotics, which serve to create a happy gut microbiome. Laughing Gut Kombucha in Poughkeepsie is known for its light, flavorful kombuchas perfect for sipping when you need a little boost. Flavor offerings include Rooibos Ginger, Star Anise & Orange Zest, Chamomile & Mint, Lavender, and more. Find Laughing Gut around the Hudson Valley at various markets, grocery stores, and eateries.  

Did Someone Say Ice Cream?

Culture Cream, Hudson

While the typical sugary dessert may not be doing much for our gut, Culture Cream in Hudson approaches the sweet treat a bit differently. With a fermentation process that takes place before churning the delicious flavors, Culture Cream scoops are full of probiotics. In addition, local Hudson Valley ingredients are added for a burst of fresh flavor. Take a sneak peek at flavor offerings on the website, with flavorful offerings running the gamut from blueberry thyme kombucha sorbet and vegan roasted banana ice cream to Earl Grey lavender kefir ice cream, vanilla cardamom kefir ice cream, and more.  

Say Goodbye to a Sour Stomach With Sourdough

All You Knead, Beacon

Sourdough is easier to digest than other breads due to the fermentation process. The bread also acts as a prebiotic because the fiber helps to feed good gut bacteria. A house favorite, the freshly baked sourdough loaf from All You Knead is crafted from a 12-year-old artisan starter. The sourdough bread is also available in whole wheat. Sourdough is the perfect addition to any meal. Enjoy it in the morning as crispy toast, as part of a sandwich for lunch, and as the perfect side to a pasta dinner. Stop by All You Knead in Beacon or check out the bakery’s offerings at a Hudson Valley farmers/ market near you.  

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