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How to Make Kombucha at Home

Yields ½ gallon



1/2 c. cane sugar

3 Tbsp tea or 2 tea bags

SCOBY and liquids


1 Make sweetened tea.

Boil water and add ½ cup cane sugar. Stir until sugar is dissolved and remove from heat. Steep your tea of choice (3 tablespoons or 2 tea bags) for 20 minutes, covered. Strain and let cool.

2 Add kombucha culture.

Fill a 64 oz. glass jar with your room temperature tea. Add SCOBY liquids (available to purchase at seeknorth.com/merch). Lightly stir, and then add rest of SCOBY—it will either float, sink, or move sideways, which are all OK signs. Liquid must be 1″ or more below the neck of the jar. Cover jar with muslin, fabric, or coffee filter, and secure with rubber band.

3 Ferment.

Place your kombucha brew away from any elements (sunlight, trash, fresh fruit). Secure it in an undisturbed environment with a temperature of 68–85°F. After 5–7 days, give it a taste. If it’s slightly sweet, a bit tart, and acidic—it’s ready. It can ferment for up to 14 days. When done, reserve two cups for a future brew and refrigerate the rest.

Photo by Adobe Stock / Max D. Photography

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