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Issue 15, 2002



Wyandottes (Robert Sweeney)


On the spiritual in food. by Marianne Comfort & Judith Hausman

Kitchen garden: Lovage. by Leslie Coons

Destinations: The Irish of Pearl River. by Peter Rose

special section: Enchanted places.

Locally grown: A good knife. by Keith Stewart

Tastemaker: John Crabtree of Crabtree’s Kittle House. a Valley Table interview

Living unplugged: Washing day. by Jeff Walker

Deja vu: The salt riots. by Adam Schenkman


Good stuff

CSAs in the Hudson Valley



Tomato lentil soup (Brother Victor-Antonie d’Avila Latourette)

Leek tart (Brother Victor-Antonie d’Avila Latourette)

Cholent (Sabbath stew) (Rabbitzin Mindy Jeremias)

Cauliflower kugel (Rabbitzin Mindy Jeremias)

Buttermilk scones (Mirabai)

Easy potatoes (Eileen Bergen)

Colcannon (Patricia Dwyer)

The perfect St. Patrick’s Day soda bread (Patricia Dwyer)

Warm beet carpaccio salad with warm Montrachet goat cheese and horseradish vinaigrette (Greg Gilbert / Crabtree’s Kittle House)

Grilled quail with black bread and foie gras stuffing, spaghetti vegetables and lingonberry vinaigrette (Greg Gilbert / Crabtree’s Kittle House)

Alsatian cheesecake (Anibal Romero / Crabtree’s Kittle House)

Tomato Lentil Soup

By Brother Victor / Antoine d’Avila Latourette Ingredients 1 cup brown or green lentils 3 quarts water (more if desired) l large onion, sliced 2 large carrots, cut very fine

Cholent (Sabbath Stew)

Rabbitzin Mindy Jeremias Ingredients 6 large potatoes cubed 1 onion chopped 1/2 cup dried barley (exclude on Passover) 1 cup assorted dried beans (limas, black beans, white beans, pink beans–one

John Crabtree of Crabtree’s Kittle House

TUCKED IN AMONG RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORS, down the road from Reader’s Digest in Chappaqua, sits the Kittle House—a sprawling building that had uninspiring beginnings as a barn/carriage house. Transformed into a

Alsatian Cheesecake

Anibal Romero, Crabtree’s Kittle House Ingredients 1 1/2 pounds unsalted butter, softened 1 1/2 pounds cream cheese, softened 6 ounces superfine sugar 1 quart heavy cream Sabayon 3 ounces Muscat

Leek Tart

Brother Victor-Antoine d’Avila Latourette Serves 6 Ingredients Filling 2 pounds leeks 3 eggs, lightly beaten 8 ounces cream cheese salt, fresh ground pepper to taste Pastry Shell 1 egg 1

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