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Issue 29, 2005



The Last Barn (Inverna Lockpez)


It’s about pork. by Jan Greenberg

Gary Regan: Master mixologist. by Jennifer Warren

Munching Puerto Rico. by Leslie Coons

Big on bodegas. by Joseba K. Encabo

Honey, honey. by Leslie Coons


By the glass: A gray area. by Steven Kolpan

At home in the kitchen: (Re)build it and they will eat. a Valley Table series

Locally grown: Of spuds and me. by Keith Stewart

Food by the season: Risotto. by Thomas Griffiths, CMC

Good stuff: Pickle festival; Winery map; Scholarship recipients; Curcumin; Clinton Vineyards award.

September-November 05 Events

Openings: Pamela’s; Serevan; Sabroso; Double O.

Fabulous farms, food and markets.


The Aviation Cocktail (Gary Regan)

The Rose (Gary Regan)

The Twentieth Century Cocktail (Gary Regan)

Fennel risotto with lobster, corn and fava beans (Luis Ferraro / Cosimo’s)

Butternut squash risotto with seared quail, mascarpone cheese, and white truffle acacia honey (Robert Mayerat / Belvedere)

Tomato-basil risotto (Franz Brendle / Nina)

Risotto with fresh truffles and spring peas (Thomas Griffiths / CMC)

Heirloom tomato concassee with risotto a la Milanese (David Lawson / Aubergine)

Mahi-mango ceviche (Roberto Trevino / Aguaviva)

Corn soup (Tomasa Gonzalez / La Mexicana)

Pork baked in leaves (Joseba K. Encabo)

Tamales wrapped in banana leaves (Joseba K. Encabo)

(Re)build It

DOTTIE AND JERRY ARGENIO set out to renovate the kitchen of their countryside Cornwall home, but there was nothing impulsive about the process. This wasn’t going to be your ordinary “let’s get

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!