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Issue 3, 1999



The Dinner Horn (Winslow Homer)


An oenophile by any other name. by Jennifer Iannolo

Deja vu: Dutch New Year’s customs in the Hudson Valley. by Peter Rose

Technique: Chef Todd Albertson’s stuffed baby chicken. by Gretchen R. Bruce

Smokin’ salmon: Catskill Artisan’s Smokehouse. by Charlotte Adamis

Tastemaker: Jean-Claude Sanchez of Jean-Claude’s Patisserie. a Valley Table interview

Locally grown: Buy it at the farmers’ market. by Keith Stewart

By the glass: Good life. Good taste. Good valve. by Steven Kolpan

At the market: Fiddleheads; Maple syrup. by Gretchen R. Bruce

Another view: You’re gonna eat what? by Gary Allen


Calf’s liver with prosciutto, red onions and mushrooms (Frank Nola / The Inn at Osborne Hill)

Mrs. Lefferts’ New Year’s cakes (Peter Rose)

Stuffed baby chicken (Todd Albertson / The Brickhouse)

Heart-shaped orange sablees (Jean-Claude Sanchez / Jean-Claude’s Patisserie & Dessert Cafe)

Dutch New Year’s Customs in the Hudson Valley

When the Dutch settlers came to New Netherland in the seventeenth century, they brought with them not only seeds, tree stock and cattle, but also well established foodways and customs. Donuts, pretzels, coleslaw, pancakes,

Mrs. Lefferts’ New Year’s cakes

Peter Rose Serves about 12 dozen, depending on size Ingredients 1 pound light brown sugar, sifted 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon salt 1 egg, lightly beaten with a fork

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