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Issue 41, 2008



Strawberry fields forever? by Tracy Frisch

Eat local and laugh: We’re all in this togther. by Todd Essig

On stonewalls & stoneware. by Jane Herold

Compost that! by Helanna Bratman

It’s in the cards. by Jerry Novesky


Good stuff: Saving a CSA; Saving an apple tree; New calendar; Local food challenge; Farm-to-chef dinner.

June-July 08 Events

Books: Endangered food; and a new book from Michael Pollan, Mark Winne and Joel Salatin.

Openings: Woody’s All Natural; La Cienega; Bread Alone Cafe; Harvest at Greenwood Lake.

Fabulous farms, food and markets.

Locally grown: Breakdown: Perils of the truck farming life. by Keith Stewart

The kitchen garden: Perennially yours. by Barry Ballister

New crop: Dan Madura of Madura Farms & KayCee Wimbish and Owen O’Connor of Awesome Farm. by Barry Ballister

By the glass: Judgement day. by Steven Kolpan

The chef & the farmer: Erik Johansen of Iron Forge Inn & Alan Ochs of Ochs Orchard. by Steven Kolpan

Eating by the season: Eggs. by Anne Dailey

Saving the season: Strawberries. by Anne Dailey

On the plate: Chicken liver toast.


Seasonal mostarda (Erik Johansen / Iron Forge Inn)

Frozen lemon souffle (Leonard Mott / Le Chambord)

Spaghetti carbonara (Eric Gabrynowicz / Valley Restaurant at the Garrison)

Classic strawberry jam (Marnie MacLean / Thompson-Finch Farm)

Frozen strawberries (Marnie MacLean / Thompson-Finch Farm)

Strawberry margarita (Marnie MacLean / Thompson-Finch Farm)

Chicken liver toast (Kevin Katz / The Red Onion)


IF THERE’S ONE FOOD of this season that everyone would like to savor a little longer, it’s strawberries. The succulent fruit is only around for about a month, and let’s

Breakfast Pizza

Chef Claudia Levesque, Homespun Foods Ingredients 1 onion, diced and sauteed in olive oil. 1 Russet potato, sliced, seasoned with salt and pepper and browned in olive oil. 4 or

Spaghetti Carbonara

Eric Gabrynowicz, Tavern Restaurant The sauce for this classic pasta dish is created when the pasta comes out of the water and into the bowl. The heat from the pasta

Our Local & National Egg Industries

WORSHIPPED, MALIGNED AND MISUNDERSTOOD, eggs have survived the rollercoaster ride of nutritional favor and now enjoy a fairly accepted status as a healthful food choice. But the fact that you

Strawberry Margarita

Marnie MacLean, Thompson-Finch Farm / Photo by Margaret Rizzuto Ingredients 1 quart frozen strawberries, 2 cups lemonade or lemon juice A little bit of sugar Tequila (the amount is a

Frozen Lemon Souffle

Chef Leonard Mott, Le Chambord Ingredients 5 egg whites 1 cup granulated sugar 1 1/2 cup almonds, lightly toasted, finely chopped 2 cups granulated sugar 1 cup water 10 egg

Chicken Liver Toast

Chef Kevin Katz, The Red Onion Ingredients 1 pound chicken livers 2 medium onions, diced fine 2 bunches sage 2 ounces dry sherry 2 ounces dry white wine 2 ounces

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!