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Issue 45, 2009



Special section: Hudson Valley Restaurant Week.

Perspective: Jim Johnson. a Valley Table interview

Hudson Valley wheat: the next frontier. by Tracy Frisch


Good stuff: More bees news; Food Bank activity; Cornwall co-op.

March-May 09 Events

Openings: Wild Hive Farm Store; Aurelia; Chill Wine Bar; Arielle; Poppy’s.

Locally grown: A farm in perpetuity. by Keith Stewart

By the glass: Milk, eggs and merlot. by Steven Kolpan

Eating by the season: Eating by the trout season.


Whitecliff Winery rainbow trout fish tacos (Michael Migliore / Whitecliff Winery)

Crispy trout with sorrel and Macadamia nut sauce (John Novi / DePuy Canal House)


IF YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED YET, you no doubt will before long: In this part of the state, at least, “history” as a buzzword has crept into conversations about almost everything.

Whitecliff Winery Rainbow Trout Fish Tacos

Michael Migliore, Whitecliff Vineyard & Winery This is a simple whole-fish grilling technique that allows you to have beautiful large chunks of sweet trout for your tacos. Ingredients Whole fresh

Eating by the Trout Season

NO MATTER HOW YOU slice—or fillet—it, trout is a favorite fish of anglers, wildlife lovers and chefs alike. Barring a late season blizzard or flood, April through June in these

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!