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Issue 46, 2009



Back to the farm: Farm camps for kids. by Abby Luby

New crop: Josh Morgenthau, Fishkill Farms.

Municipal Farmers’ Markets in the Hudson Valley.

Up close: Richard & Russell Biezynski, Northwind Farms.


Openings: Isamu; The Wherehouse; Heart’s Delight Bakery

Good stuff: Farm/chef redux; Kagan Meats; Farm tours; Kudos; Otto’s.

June-August 09 Events

By the glass: Tasting great wines: a New (York) approach. by Steven Kolpan

About the business: Bruce Kazan of Main Course. a Valley Table interview

Locally grown: Is there life before farming? by Keith Stewart

On the plate: (Very Portuguese) sardines.


Grilled chicken with basil pistou (Bruce Kazan / Main Course)

Panzanella with roasted red pepper vinaigrette (Bruce Kazan / Main Course)

Peach panna cotta (Bruce Kazan / Main Course)

Sardines (Chef Anthony Goncalves / 42)


THIS MAGAZINE IS ABOUT FOOD. It says so in the column at the right. Problem is, it’s become more difficult to speak about food these days because it seems food

Tasting Great Wines: A New (York) Approach

WHAT MAKES A GREAT WINE? Traditionally, the great wines of the world have shared several things in common. First, if the wine is based on a single grape varietal, then

Richard & Russell Biezynski of Northwind Farms

BY ANY MEASURE, NORTHWIND FARMS would be considered a successful farming operation. The beef, pork, poultry and specialty fowl produced there are in high demand by restaurants and consumers in the

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!