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Issue 74, 2016

Stop and Taste the Roses

GARDEN VEGETABLES MAY BE A SUMMER STAPLE, but don’t overlook the blossoms and buds that precede them. Edible flowers add flavor and nutrients as well as a splash of color

Flea Market Meets Food Fair

“The main purpose of Smorgasburg has always been stuffing your face with well-sourced artisanal food,” says Smorgasburg co-founder Jonathan Butler. Not quite a farm market, not quite a flea market,

Dinner on the Rails

When the transcontinental railroad was completed in 1869, successfully connecting the country’s east and west coasts, it introduced a new standard of travel. Extravagant accommodations and gourmet dining cars became

Spreadable Edible Booze

IT’S NOT REALLY MEANT FOR BREAKFAST—yet—but if you want a shot of wine or beer with your morning coffee, Julie Neely, chef/owner of Haven Coffee and Espresso Bar in Newburgh’s

Spirited Development

“Hudson Valley Distillers may have started small, but our spirits have been very well received and we just can’t keep up with demand using our current equipment.” So says Tom

Tip of the Iceberg

LAST YEAR, CELEBRITY RESTAURATEUR Danny Meyer publicly declared that his restaurants would switch to a “no-tipping” policy—eliminating gratuities while raising wages across the board. This January, Eric Korn—owner of Wolfert’s Roost,

Mannered Tables

You can’t eat the art, but you can eat on the art at Hudson Street Café in Cornwall. There, chef/ owner Donna Hammond, has been commissioning local artists to design

Success With Excess

IN HER FIRST SEASON ON A PRODUCTION FARM, Audrey Berman had a moment of realization. While harvesting a field of beets, she says she was startled by the amount of

Water, Water, Nowhere

ONE BIG PART OF THE MISSION of this magazine is to keep you apprised about what’s happening on the food front in the Hudson Valley. That includes, of course, reporting


MILK IS THE FIRST FOOD everybody in the world eats. It has been called the perfect food, the universal ingredient. Standing alone, straight up, unaltered, it is a healthful, naturally

Drinking it Raw at Freedom Hill

PROPONENTS OF RAW MILK GENERALLY ACKNOWLEDGE that pasteurization may eliminate bad bacteria and make milk a little safer to drink. But they also argue that the heat applied during pasteurization kills

Eggplant Napoleon

Cathryn Fadde / Perch Serves 4 Ingredients 1 large Hepworth Farms eggplant (peel in strips, leaving some skin), slice into 1/4-inch rounds 8 ounces goat cheese 2 to 3 ripe

Cathryn Fadde

THE RESTAURANT BUSINESS IS NOT FOR THE FAINTHEARTED. According to federal government statistics, two of every three new restaurants close within three years of opening. Cathryn Fadde has beat those

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!