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Issue 93, 2021

Potato-Ramp Soup

Courtesy of Chef Nicholas Leiss, Farms2ChefsTable blogger This recipe is a play on the classic vichyssoise. Traditionally served cold, this potato-ramp version can be served hot as well. It’s perfect

Ramp Pesto

Courtesy of Chef Josh Kroner, owner of Terrapin in Rhinebeck Ramps are susceptible to parasites and bacteria, so they need to be cleaned very well and cooked thoroughly before they

Ramp Season Arrives in the Hudson Valley

In April, the sun lies over the cold forest floor, permeating the insulating duff. Ice crystals dissolve, the ground loosens, and dormant ramp bulbs sprout, pushing their leaves toward the

Find Your Perfect Hudson Valley CSA Program

Click here for an updated list of CSA programs in your area. Community is hard to build during a global pandemic. From masked identities in public spaces to the insular

New Discoveries

Every spring, I make a list of the restaurants I hope to visit during Hudson Valley Restaurant Week. I compare menus, recruit friends and family to dine with me, make

Grow Your Garden With Hudson Valley Seeds

It’s time to plant your home garden. This year, shake things up with unique offerings from local companies.  Hudson Valley Seed Company Ken Greene and Doug Muller’s company grew out of