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Life is Just a Glass of Cherries


From pies and jams to cherry balsamic short ribs—cherry season inspires creativity in commercial and home kitchens alike throughout the Hudson Valley. The taste of those succulent orbs just says “get ready for summer.” The folks at Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery (Orange County) have helped extend the season by crafting an alternative to the more traditional cherry indulgences like pies or various cooking sauces. Think of their award-winning Sour Cherry Cordial as cherry season in a bottle.

In 2002, Warwick Valley Winery opened the American Fruits Distillery on site and began crafting fruit cordials in the style of French and German fruit brandies—even using an imported German copper still. The Sour Cherry Cordial ($14.99/375ml) is an infusion of a distilled spirit with Finger Lakes-sourced Montmorency cherries. The cherries impart a beautiful ruby color and evoke a ripe cherry and cinnamon nose from the cordial.

The cordial proves cherries are as versatile in drinks as they are in the kitchen. For a bright summer refresher, the Sour Cherry Cordial can be combined with prosecco for a Sour Cherry Royale, or added to a Collins glass with ice and lemon-lime soda for an elevated Dirty Shirley. Poured over vanilla ice cream, it mimics that summertime staple, cherry pie à la mode. It’s a perfect way to extend the fleeting cherry season, no oven necessary.    

Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery
114 Little York Rd, Warwick
(845) 258-4858; wvwinery.com

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