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Eating Local in Moscow

“RUSSIA’S A COUNTRY of smokers,” my tour guide tells me. Though she means cigarettes (Russians smoke a staggering 390 billion a year), I’m starting to think they smoke more food

Farm to Patient

THINK FRESH, NUTRITIOUS cuisine. Then think hospital food. Let’s face it, the all-too-common vision of a tray of bland mystery meat, overcooked vegetables and canned gravy punctuated with a side

Chefs Do Austin

THROW A COUPLE OF YOUNG HUDSON VALLEY chefs into a hip and thriving food scene and something delicious is bound to happen. Richard Parente, chef and co-owner of Clock Tower Grill,

Pig Out

PORK TRIMMINGS—EARS, snouts, tongues, lips, jowls and even tails, along with other, lesser known cuts—have made their way onto more plates as diners increasingly embrace the “use the whole animal”

Heirloom Differential

YOU HEAR THE word heirloom tossed around a lot these days, not referring to handed-down relics (like your great grandmother’s pearl necklace or Victorian footstool), but referring to food, especially

Dutch Desserts

MARJAN BEEBE NEVER expected to embark on a career as a professional baker. After moving to Kinderhook from the Netherlands, Beebe met her husband, Keith, who had a sweet tooth

A Signature Grape for the Hudson Valley?

ONE OF THE issues I floated in a brief talk at the regional Beer, Wine & Spirits Summit late last year was whether the Hudson Valley—and the Hudson River Region

Whitecliff Winery Goes Geothermal

WHILE HOUSING SUBDIVISIONS and office parks might be named for the geographic features they replace, Whitecliff Vineyard and Winery stares its namesake square in the face. Visitors to the Gardiner

Sweet on Bitters

AT DUTCH’S SPIRIT in Pine Plains, co-founders Ariel Schlein and Alex Adams have unearthed an era when men wore spats and women concealed flasks in their garters. Named for iconic mobster

Microgreen Powerhouse

OFTEN CONFUSED WITH sprouts, microgreens are a markedly different product, and one that is rapidly gaining popularity. Sprouts (germinated or partially germinated seeds) are processed in water, not planted in

Jacuterie Charcuterie

LOCALLY SOURCED, WITH international flair. That’s not a contradiction once you taste the dried sausage from Jacuterie in Ancramdale. On the ground floor of what used to be a storage

The Next “Next Food” star

SOME RESTAURANTS ARE JUST BORN OF A POSITIVE VIBE—they embody a young restaurateur’s dreams and passions and extend the path of his or her culinary training like a contrail in


From Garlic: An Edible Biography By Robin Cherry Serve this classic French sauce with poached or grilled fish, as a dressing, stirred into soups or stews, or as a sandwich


Courtesy of Constantine Kalandranis, The Greekish Adobe Stock | Photo by Anastasia Izofatova Ingredients 2 cucumbers (de-seeded, processed, strained) ¼  cup capers 1/2 red onion 2 garlic cloves 1/4 cup olive


Billed as “a feel-good, diner-inspired restaurant and bar serving a new take on classic diner fare,” Eugene’s in Port Chester is ready to serve up burgers, shakes, pancakes and caviar


Though often relegated to accompaniment status, the radish is no wallflower. (Well, it is, sort of—botanically, both radishes and wallflowers are members of the Brassicaceae family.) Among spring’s first offerings,


LIKE SNOWDROPS AND CROCUSES, garden chives push through barely thawed earth with almost alarming vigor. More than most herbs, chives demand that we use them: The plants respond to regular

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!