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Hudson Valley Kosher

IN THE HUDSON VALLEY TODAY, small is big. Family wineries, micro breweries, small-batch distillers, artisanal this and hand-made that—there’s a seeming treasure trove of limited-edition local spirits being produced, and

Maple Days on Storm King

IT’S NO SECRET that maple syrup is big business in the Hudson Valley—of the more than 2 million trees tapped statewide last year, nearly 80,000 were here. But while big producers

Maple Syrup Matures

BRI HART IS STANDING in the “sugar shack” at White Oak Farm in Yorktown Heights explaining how maple sap is converted to maple syrup. It’s a cold day in January,

Fabulous Hudson Valley Cheeses

IN 1801, BAPTIST Elder John Leland persuaded the ladies of his Cheshire, Massachusetts, congregation to make a wheel of cheese for President Jefferson to honor his support of religious liberty.