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Strawberry Buck

Whiskey River, Peekskill Ingredients 3 fresh strawberries  1/2 teaspoon of granulated sugar or granulated sugar substitute 5 Thai basil leaves (or 3 regular basil leaves) 2 oz Ketel One Vodka

Angry Orchard Frosé Cider

Recipe by Angry Orchard Ingredients 5 oz Angry Orchard Rosé Cider 1 oz White rum 0.75 oz Lime juice 4 Strawberries 2 Cups ice Method Add all ingredients to a

Strawberry Basil Sangria Popsicles

Ingredients 1 1/2 cup strawberries diced 5 fresh basil leaves chopped half can Lemonade or lime concentrate (thawed) 3 cups water*   *Replace with 3 cups Carpe Diem Sparkling wine

Summer Berries

Sal drops three berries in her bucket and then eats them. She and her mother are picking berries on Blueberry Hill. AND SO BEGINS Robert McClockey’s 1948 classic children’s book, Blueberries